DIY Geeks: Plan9’s Technology Startup Revolutionizing Education in Pakistan

Among Plan9’s plenty of contributions to the start-up industry, one of our recent favorites is their initiative of prompting the DIY culture to Pakistan. (And in case you don’t understand DIY … Come on, google it. Do it yourself!)

Have you ever imagined yourself being such a resourceful superman that you could manipulate the entire house by building with your own hands as if it were only Legos? If you could have all the electric appliances function at your whims, wouldn’t you be the god of all power-driven applications with just a single push of a button?

Let DIY Geeks be then your means to this kingdom of godliness!

Incubated in the 8th Cycle of Plan9 Technology Incubator functional under the roof of PITB – Punjab Information Technology Board, DIY Geeks has evolved as one of the most successful and exemplary recent startups. The co-founders, students of Information Technology University: Usama Abid and Hina Tariq, have been keen proponents of DIY- Do It Yourself- culture, especially in the students of Pakistan. They’ve been advocating students taking control of their education by themselves practising it on their own individual level via their DIY Kits.

DIY Geeks Plan9 Startup

DIK Geeeks’ kits provide circuit components, wires, terminals and transistors facilitating users to build their personal small level electronic devices starting from scratch to the time they are fully functional. Portable on off motor controlling switches, robots, remote control devices, 3D Printing etc. are only some of the projects one can get running by using the tutorials available at the awesomely built DIY Geeks site. The e-commerce enabled site also provides a personalized segment filled with technical tutorials, specially catering to the engineering students. Considering the lack of technical educational resources in the local context, this is one brilliant idea. Students who usually end up outsourcing their engineering projects due to limited vision or restricted resources, are the actual beneficiaries here. True to its tagline of Socializing Technology, the DIY Geeks team is providing this segment of target audience with three things:

i. Online tutorials coupled with circuit components shop,
ii. A makerspace with all fabrication tools, and
iii. Open Geeks hangout sessions to counsel engineering students to work on their projects.

In a sparse culture of technology and a struggling economy, Pakistan has been doubly in need of an initiative like this. Aiming to teach the students the tricks of how the DIY world manoeuvres, has been a challenge taken head on by these two young talented brains who have targeted the student body specifically to be a vector for this new tradition being introduced in Pakistan.

In order to support their online efforts, the Geeks have been busy afoot as well. Hosting multiple on ground events and weekly geek hangouts where students are provided a chance to sit and work on their IT brain child, are just few of their activities other than the sales they run through the online store.

Renowned institutions, like the private boarding school: Beaconhouse Newlands are working with Geeks by holding open sessions with the team where the students get to experience their first play with technology making multiple products from scratch and becoming aware of the ins and outs of the world of wires. Arduino and Raspberry pi are two development boards that are helping this startup into being a relay between the student body and the IT ecosystem.

DIY Geeks Plan9 Startup


Next featuring prominently on the list of DIY Geeks is a series of some exciting activities by the name of DIY Faire. This is an event that primarily focuses on promoting and inducing DIY culture in Pakistan. The Geeks team has put in great efforts in designing multiple activities to creatively integrate arts with electronics. While some may find it amusing, the start-up is even even hosting a fashion show where a techno-fashion integration would be at display by models showcasing a “wardrobe of lights”.

In the next 5 years the flourishing start-up hopes to promote STEM education in Pakistan employing their DIY initiative by empowering students to couple their rigorous academics with technology to be competitive in the new economy.

With the platform they’ve developed, the geeks have successfully fabricated a one stop solution of building electronic devices easy for any eager student of the field. The first of its kind in Pakistan, the online Circuit Component Shop as well as the provision of fabrication facilities (including 3D printing and PCB fabrication), has brought with it the skill and power for anyone to solve their real life tech problems using the DIY kits. Building a drone or becoming Ironman is no more a fantasy. DIY Geeks is your platform of endless opportunities!

Happy Geeking!

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