Do This Before Uninstalling Apps

Uninstalling apps from your smartphones hardly takes a few seconds. But have you ever ensured you removed your data before you wiped out the app? To prevent data misuse, make sure you delete your account within apps and remove data therein before you uninstall them. Follow these tips below.

Delete personally-identifiable data

  • Make sure to double-check your data is not being processed even after uninstalling. Example, you sign in with your Google or Facebook accounts and both services mutually share data.
  • Look for menus in the app named “privacy“, “account“, “security” and find options to delete “account data“, “use history” or “stored personal data” or similar.
  • Revoke the app’s access to linked accounts such as Google or Facebook. Delete signed-in accounts prior to uninstalling them.

Delete your account

  • Look in the “account” or “privacy” settings.
  • Browse the menu and read options or links.
  • Watch out for secondary menus or sidebars where settings are available.
  • If unsuccessful, try logging to your account on desktop to see any options.
  • A quick web search will also help you find deletion tools.
  • For financial services, make sure you cancel through in-person meetings or proper remote cancellation steps.

Make sure that options to wipe your data and prevent access to data on linked accounts. Once its confirmed, only then unstall your app.

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