Down the Memory Lane: Nokia 3310 Turns 15

Nokia 3310 celebrated its 15th birthday a couple of days back on the 1st of September. If you owned a phone in the early 2000s then the chances are that it was a Nokia 3310. This was the most popular phone of its time with features that far superseded any other phone available in those days. Nokia has come a long way since then; in fact this is a brand that no longer exists as Microsoft took over Nokia in 2014. However, the fondness with which we remember the Nokia 3310 has not diminished an iota in the last 15 years.

Things that Made Nokia 3310 Awesome

Tough as Nails

There was never a hardier phone than the Nokia 3310. You could drop this brick down a couple of floors, pick it up, reassemble and voilà it was as good as new. The phone was compact and customizable to different tastes thanks to the hundreds of different covers that were available in the market. Matching your phone’s appearance to your dress was not unheard of in those days when owning a Nokia marked you as king.

Features that were Much Ahead of its Time

This was a feature rich phone with some offerings that were unheard of 15 years back. The 84×48 pixel monochrome display was way better than what its predecessors had on offer. The phone had a stop watch, a calculator and even a reminder service. This was definitely a handset that was much ahead of its times. While it might have lacked a Siri, it managed to perform all the important tasks for us nonetheless.

An Unbelievably Long Battery Life

Image : 9GAG

Image : 9GAG

The battery life of this phone remains unmatchable. There are many Nokia loyalists who retain that the Nokia 3310 was the best phone ever. The 4.5 hour talk time and 260 hours of standby time offered by the battery is probably the main reason for such claims. Even our latest iPhones are hard put to last an entire day, while this hardy phone managed all that it did while needing to be charged only once every other day.

It was Fun

nokia 3310 2

Here was a phone that gave us our first taste of mobile gaming. Long before ‘Candy Crush’ got to us we were all hooked looking at a Snake that roamed in the short confines of our 3310 display screen, Snake II was a highly addictive game. Nokia 3310 had 3 other games to its credit. It had 35 ringtones and 7 blanks which could either be downloaded by us or composed ourselves. Composing eccentric ringtones for our mobile was a lot more fun than we thought possible.

Feature rich phones have inundated the current smartphone market; they can make every activity of our lives a lot easier. However, we would never forget the first phone that gave us a glimpse of what mobile technology could be. This is a phone that would always hold a special place in our hearts, here’s wishing Nokia 3310 a very happy birthday.

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