Eid Cakes in Lahore: The What and Where

Right now, there are two types of people in Pakistan: ones who are scrambling to get all their shopping done in time for Eid, and ones who are sitting around happily judging people who did not have the same foresight before the first of Ramazan. Either way, even with Eid just around the corner, the most important part of the celebrations has not been taken care of yet: the food! Step away from the fruit baskets and 5 kilo sweet packages for now; it is time to discuss the more beloved treats. Compiled below, in no particular order, is a list of all the places we recommend you place an order at to maximize the yum factor and extract the greatest amount of eidi from whosoever is lucky enough to score a slice.


You can go to the most exquisite patisseries the world over, but Nando’s signature Chocolate cake is hard to top. With a perfectly moist base and layers filled with chocolate cream and malt, the taste is undeniable. The cake is available for Rs. 1300 and Rs. 2520, exclusive of tax, in 2.5 pounds and 4 pounds respectively. If chocolate is not your thing, their coffee cake is double layered with chocolate fudge and coffee cream, and delectably topped with just the right amount of chocolate shavings. The Cheesecake is worth a shot as well, made with real cream cheese and a perfect biscuit base.

Rina’s Kitchenette

Besides the whole close-knit communal dining ambience they have going for them, Rina’s knows how to do cakes right. While not on the actual menu, you can always place an order for their Mile high Nutella cake and thank yourself later. The price is a little steep for a 1 pound cake at 1990, but it is well worth it! If you are in the mood for something different, they also offer Chocolate Toblerone, Caramel Crunch, Toffee Crunch and Chocolate Cadbury; with each more scrumptious than the other. If nothing else, do try their Lindt Caramel tart- the salted tart base is perfection.

Kitchen Cuisine

I feel Kitchen Cuisine is terribly underrated as far as their range of cakes is concerned. The cakes are delicious, beautiful and well within the most affordable of price brackets. Their Double Chocolate Fudge cake is to die for, and priced at only Rs. 1490, while their cheesecakes melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. And if you decide against cakes this Eid, a box of their strawberry puff pastries-  mini or normal sized- is sure to win over your heart and that of anyone else you present them to!

Redolence – Bake Studio

The owner prefers her chocolate sponge cake to all her other flavors, but anything with the chocolate ganache frosting is recommended from here. However, they do an Oreo cake like no other. The prices vary according to the specifications of the order, but generally tend to be on the higher end. In return, you can get all the sugary roses and ribbons you want atop your cake. If that is your slice of cake, this Eid comes only once a year, you can treat yourself!


Their tag line is “We love cakes”, and after having these cakes, you will too. If you want your Eid cake to be a class apart, this is your best bet. You can get it customized any way you desire, and rest assured it will turn out to be a piece of art. Any flavor will do here, but raspberry chiffon comes highly recommended. The prices vary according to the kind of cake you decide to order, but the cakes are designer- unlike the rest of the bake shops on this list, the emphasis here remains on customization as opposed to taste!

Sweet Affairs by Saniya Waqar

If you can resist the temptation of their mini cupcakes and remain determined to go straight in for the kill, try getting the Red velvet cake for RS. 2300. While all their baked goods taste like perfection, Red velvet is a specialty of theirs. Just the right amount of sweet and moist, the cake will be a welcome change from all the other typical tastes at your Eid spread. And while they are getting that cake packed up, perhaps you can order their cookie in a skillet- it will make the wait all the more sweet.

Cake Monster

Looking at her classic tiara cake, the owner deserves a crown of her own! Cake Monster is in a league of its own, and you can place an order here if you truly, deeply care about the cake. You can choose it from the store or get it customized just for yourself. Vanilla caramel crunch is the way to go here. You can get 2 pounds for Rs. 2000 and 2.5 for Rs. 2500. Every slice will have you praising the lord.

The Mad Chef

This is a local home based bakery making some waves in the arena of bakery items; their cupcakes and cakes are designer and finger-licking good. The frostings are blissful, and each cake is baked with tender loving care. The Butter Scotch variety comes highly recommended here, and the price depends on the amount of art you want on your food (and flavor, if you decide on another one!)

Jalal Sons

Old is gold, and Jalal Sons is as dependable of a business as they come. Always within your price range, and sure to elicit some praise, this is the place to go if you want guaranteed taste and a hassle free simple choice. The cakes cost Rs. 1800 per 9 inch. Their Toblerone cake cannot be rivaled; not by other cakes at Jalal sons and certainly not by other bake shops. The entire cake is filled with bits of the high quality chocolate bar, and is topped with the same. Each bite is crunchier than the last, and the experience is truly fulfilling.

If you are having a hard time deciding, you could just skip the cake idea entirely, and grab a slice each of everything; that is a perfectly acceptable option!

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