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NESCAFÉ Pakistan widens its reach by moving to Tumblr

NESCAFÉ has expanded its reach among the millennials and has become the first brand in Pakistan by moving to Tumblr. It is a platform which will help in building stronger relations with younger customers.

NESCAFÉ is easily the top-performing brand of Nestle on social media platforms. It has over 1.3 million fans on Facebook in Pakistan while NESCAFÉ is being followed by some 11,500 fans on Twitter. It became the first global brand to move from traditional website to Tumblr in September last year.

Statements from key executives

Head of Communication and Marketing Services, Samra Maqbool stated that:

“The relationship between brands and consumers needs to be more inclusive and allow conversations. While formal, direct marketing remains relevant, we cannot overlook the endorsements that come from our regular users”

Business Manager Coffee and CPW, Nadir Omer was of the view that the move will give young lovers of NESCAFÉ a chance to engage with the brand. She said:

“Moving to Tumblr makes sense because it will help us widen our reach among millennials and provide young NESCAFÉ lovers the chance to engage with the brand. Tumblr’s also mobile-friendly so we are hoping to win with the consumers”

The brand has noticed a significant upsurge in consumer engagement and sales after moving to Tumblr. The brand is also confident about the impact of ecommerce globally on NESCAFÉ. Customers even have the luxury of purchasing NESCAFÉ coffee and coffee machines by sending a text since the website is mobile enabled.

Nadia Omer while expressing her excitement stated:

“That will ensure that the consumer’s experience is uninterrupted. How great is that?”

Social and Digital Media Manager, Kalim Khan said that the move will help in creating profound relationships with millennials. Moreover, he stated that Nestle’s aim is to be No. 1 in health, wellness and nutrition. Furthermore, he added:

“Moving to Tumblr has been a bold move for us. With the competitive landscape we understand the need to constantly innovative and experiment all the while, keeping our consumers at the heart of it all. Tumblr is an attempt for us to create deeper relationships with our consumers, it shall allow our fans to share images, videos, GIFs and other coffee-related content- all in one place- whenever they like”  

About Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. It hosts more than 250 million blogs and 110 billion individual posts.

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