Get Ready For Entrepreneurial Ascend With DK Insights

In an environment of conventional economy, the age of entrepreneurial spirit does take its sweet time in ripening. There is this determined resistance against the new, an aversion to promote risk taking and the lack of room that allows a free exchange of ideas and knowledge encouraging the entrepreneurial mindset.

How do we tackle this situation?

Daftarkhwan, with its promise #MoreThanJustAnOffice, has been working on it.

Let me introduce Daftarkhwan to you first. It is primarily a coworking space, but it has made its name for something transcending its functional purpose. Within a short period of time, Daftarkhwan has emerged as the space that builds a community: a community of entrepreneurs, startups and professionals driven towards innovating, sharing and growing together.

This is why since we learnt of Daftarkhwan launching Daftarkhwan Insights – Powered by NSPIRE we’ve been excited!

NSPIRE is the first Business and Tech Incubator launched by an established IT company in Pakistan, NETSOL Technologies.

In collaboration with NSPIRE, Daftarkhwan is launching this series of a program that aims to stimulate free flow of entrepreneurial ideas and share practical knowledge. The program has been developed to offers a variety of sessions which have been curated specifically to meet the requirements of entrepreneurs and startups. The foundation stone of the entire series rests upon addressing the basic need: imparting the real knowledge and valuable content which the entrepreneurs lack while starting up.

Sharing his opinion about the program, Ayub Ghauri – Head of NSPIRE said:

“Programs like these are essential for Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem. Through this series of sessions, we aim to provide a range of opportunities to potential and established entrepreneurs to grow, learn, and make valuable network.”

In its essence, Daftarkhwan Insights – Powered by NSPIRE is actually the much needed education one needs while stepping into the entrepreneurial ecosystem. While entrepreneurs do avail textual knowledge, it is the experiential knowledge that one learns only through sessions like these. The series of sessions has been designed to encompass not the buzzwords, but the most relevant topics. The program is meant to enrich the participants about scaling up, building a meaningful brand, and how to win an investment. The program avails partnership with mentors coming from a diverse spectrum of academia, business, incubators and accelerators to provide the most wholesome package of information.

Saad Idrees – CEO, Daftarkhwan, has been passionate about this initiative. He expressed:

“With Insights, we aim to build a platform that allows young entrepreneurs and innovators to network and engage with their peers as well as veterans and thought leaders that have made a mark in the industry, and, hopefully, bring the ecosystem a little closer together.”

If you are someone eager to learn and get your startup idea fly high, here’s your chance to get on board! The inaugural session of the “Daftarkhwan Insights – Powered by NSPIRE” series takes place on 6th October 2017. The theme for the first session has been “Scaling-up effectively” and it shall be conducted by Nauman Akbar, who is the CEO MessageMuse.

Mind you, the events of the series are invite-only. To get your interest registered, please fill this form.

See you there!

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