Facebook introduces new design for Pages on desktop

The social media giant Facebook keeps on launching different features to give users a worthwhile experience. This time it is no different as they have altered the design of brand pages on desktop. You may have noticed this change if you have visited any brand page lately.

The experiment is not being tested. These ad-free pages are now official. The new designed pages put ads on the sideline and focuses on the brand. Moreover, the new layout is simple, crisp and it gives plenty of distinction to the brand.

One of the spokesperson from Facebook stated:

“We’ve introduced a new design for Pages on desktop to make it easier for people to learn about and interact with businesses on Facebook, including a new column for tab navigation and a more prominent call-to-action button”

Impact of new design on Facebook brand pages

Facebook has made an attempt to make life easier for brands by providing them a prominent call-to-action button. Just beneath the cover photo, it will enable brands to achieve real-time result from their Facebook presence. You can see in the following image that ‘contact us’ is the call-to-action button of Pakwired.

layout image

Brands are now more willing to pay for their brands. As a result, it triggered Facebook to come up with a new layout. The layout influences all desktop users. The new design of brand pages is accessible to a relatively small proportion of users on desktop devices. This is in line with the mobile experience Facebook turned out last September, reshuffling the experience across devices.

Another key part of the update is tab navigation. It has also been observed that accessing content across brand pages was really difficult in the past. However, Facebook’s new layout for brand pages allows users to modify content quite significantly and effectively by reinstating ‘custom tabs’ such as tests.

The designers can also take a sigh of relief. They can now create the cover image without pulling their hair since the logo will not overlap the cover image. Earlier, the image used to be customized to avoid the overlapping. The designers can now upload cover photos; with the avatar on the left and the cover image on the right.


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