Famous Quotes by Tomas Gorny

Tomas Gorny was born and raised in Poland. He moved to the United States in pursuit of the American Dream at the age of 20 without knowing any English. Today, he’s a technology visionary, Co-founder and CEO of Unitedweb and Nextiva, and on the board of directors for Endurance International Group.

Below are some of his best quotes.

As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t have an exit strategy. If you are planning for an exit, your mind is focused on the wrong things for your business.




Failure is like free tuition.



I may speak with an accent, but I don’t think with an accent.



If you work from a valuable, promising idea – something that fills a gap in the market, with a market in that gap – you’ll have a better chance at success.




Work with great people and focus on the business, not an exit strategy. If you have a good business, good things will happen. If you’re worried about how life is going to look three or four years down the line, you may forget to focus on the business you’re building.

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