FAW Motors Increases Its Car Prices . . . Again!

The economic uncertainty has once again enticed Al-Haj FAW Motors to increase its car prices. It is noteworthy to state that the raise is humongous as one of FAW’s vehicles observed a surge of Rs75,000/-. During the last four month, this is the second time the company has swelled its vehicle prices.

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Revised prices of FAW vehicles

On Monday, FAW Motors released a notification comprising of revised prices along with the vehicle models. The increment is ranging from astonishing Rs20,000/- to Rs75,000/-. The automobile manufacturer did not provide any justification for the revision of prices. Moreover, the revised rates are applicable with immediate effect.

Under the new price list, the company openly mentioned:

“The prices of all FAW Vehicles are subject to change without notice and prices prevailing at the time of delivery shall apply if rates of existing duties / taxes are increased or new duties / taxes are levied by the Government then such increases would be paid by the customer prior to delivery of the vehicles”

The aforementioned statement is understood to have greater impact on the purchaser. It is explicitly stated that the customer will bear all the expenses/taxes – if levied – in case of any additional duty or tax.

FAW Motors has dispersed the circular to all the dealers across the country. Following are the revised prices of FAW vehicles:

In case of a filer, advance tax to be collected before the purchase of 1000cc FAW X-PV is Rs15,000/- while the non-filer will have to pay Rs30,000/-. On the other hand, the filer will have to pay Rs25,000/- for 1300cc FAW V2 while non-filer will pay Rs50,000/-.

FAW car prices before and after the revision

  • X-PV Standard

Before: Rs1,189,000/-

After: Rs1,209,000/-

Difference: Rs20,000/-

  • X-PV AC

Before: Rs1,249,000/-

After: Rs1,269,000/-

Difference: Rs20,000/-

  • X-PV Power Edition

Before: Rs1,289,000/-

After: Rs1,309,000/-

Difference: Rs20,000/-

  • Carrier Deckless

Before: Rs1,034,000/-

After: Rs1,054,000/-

Difference: Rs20,000/-

  • Carrier Flatbed

Before: Rs1,064,000/-

After: Rs1,044,000/-

Difference: Rs20,000/-

  • Carrier Standard

Before: Rs1,054,000/-

After: Rs1,074,000/-

Difference: Rs20,000/-

  • V2

Before: Rs1,499,000/-

After: Rs1,574,000/-

Difference: Rs75,000/-

The prices of FAW’s Carrier (EPS and 09 Feet Standard) are set at Rs1,099,000/-.

Not too long ago, Yamaha Pakistan also surged the prices of all its units. Moreover, Pak Suzuki has increased the price of Suzuki Alto 660cc. It remains to be seen whether Honda and Toyota will follow the same path.

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