FBR Builds State-of-the-Art Contact Center for Real Time Customer Service

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has set up a modern state-of-the-art contact center at its headquarters for customer service. The new FBR contact center will help promptly respond to taxpayers’ queries and provide them with relevant information in real time.

Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Customer relationship management tools have shaped the modern trends of customer service allowing businesses to become customer centric all over the globe. That customer centric approach however isn’t always practiced when it comes to government departments in Pakistan. That however is not the case for FBR anymore.

Fazal Abrejo, member of FBR’s facilitation and taxpayer education (FATE) wing, on the launch on Wednesday, said that the contact center will be powered by a renowned CRM solution used by many global companies.

The CRM has the facility to track, monitor, and archive issues reported by taxpayers. Customers also will be having ability to lodge complaints by sending emails to The CRM provides web integration as well where taxpayers visiting the web portal can let FBR know about their issues.

The CRM will also provide FBR IT teams support by helping them track Frequently Reported Issues (FRI). The integration of Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) utility software will ensure that FRI’s will be solved within minutes. It is important to note that IRIS system is already connected to NADRA database. This includes date of birth, special person credit, senior citizen credit, name correction, computerized payment receipt issues, and income tax return information.

Contact Center Training Management

The FATE wing of the FBR conducted a number of trainings of contact center employees for customer management. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for customer management issues have also been drafted for the first time. These include

  1. Customer Response Etiquette
  2. Income Tax return filing and related issues
  3. Federal excise duty (FED) and related issues.

The first session for training has been carried out to agents and better results are expected soon. In the absence of a contact center, FBR has been facing issues related to bad customer service, however, FBR hopes that all will become a part of the past now.

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