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Find Faster: Google Search Quick Tips You Must Know

Find Faster: Google Search Quick Tips You Must KnowFind Faster: Google Search Quick Tips You Must Know

If we ever talk about search engines, Google is bound to be the first name that crops in our minds. There are several other successful engines as well; however there is little doubt that the Bings and Yahoos of the world cannot hold a candle to the mighty Google. So much so, search has now become synonymous with Google.

The sheer excellence of this search engine is beyond comprehension. It can provide answers to the most obscure questions within seconds of typing in the right keywords. Another anomaly here is the fact that the site never crashes despite being the most frequented site in the history of internet. The most ignorant internet user is also aware of the basic search methods of Google; however for the pros of the game here are some tips that would make searching on Google a lot more productive and fun.

Search Tips to help you Google Better

Type in Aksew to Tilt the Screen

That’s right, type in tilt or askew in the Google search bar and the entire page would tilt sideways to help you understand the meaning of these words. Type anything else and you get your laptop screen back on kilter.

Get the Local Time of any Place

Just type in the name of the place with the words local time appended and our trusty old pal will come up with the details on the local time of the place.

Find the Sunset Time

Planning to visit the beach during your vacations. Find out the time the sun sets in that area by typing in the area name appended with the words sunset time.

Get Flight Details

Just type in the flight name and number on the Google search bar and the incredible search engine will provide you the latest status on the flight.

Check the Weather Conditions

Get the weather details of any place by just typing in the place name and the word weather. Planning your vacations was never this simple.

Get Currency Conversions done in a Jiffy

Just type the amount and the to and from currency names and Google will do the math for you in seconds.

Get Images for your Project Work

Gone are the days when students spent hours in the library trying to find the relevant information for their projects and then another couple of hours with a Xerox machine getting copies of all the images they needed. Just type in whatever you are looking for and append it with the word image to get numerous images matching your search.

Get Stock Details

Just type in the name of the company or stock you are planning to invest in and Google would not only provide you with its current price but also come up with future projections, general opinions and more on the said stock.

These are some of the numerous tricks that can enhance your search on Google. What are some of the unique Google search tips you use? Share them with us in the comments below.

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