Flexible smartphone to be launched later this year

Are you tired of using your block-shaped phone for a while now? Are you someone who keeps on changing their phones after every year and upgrade to the latest version? Are you looking for some flexibility in your phone? If the answer to all these questions is YES then there’s one good news for you.

A relatively small Chinese startup says that it is about to launch a bendable smartphone by the end of this year that can bend all the way around your wrist. Moreover, there won’t be any effect on the screen no matter if you twist or bend it. That sounds incredible, isn’t it?

The smartphone which will work like any other apparent device will continue to work even when it will be worn like a bracelet or a wrist watch. The screen and the phone wouldn’t have any shortcoming either even when looped. The device is produced by Moxi Group. The company also stated that the phone will remain functional even stretched flat just like any other smartphone.

Seemingly, no other company has brought a fully bendable smartphone to the market yet. However, giant companies like Samsung and LG have also been working on flexible screens. The former has already tried curved screens that wrap around the device from the front to the sides while LG’s flex phones bend a bit but nowhere to the extent as Moxi claims does its phone.

Bendy screens use ‘Graphene,’ the thinnest material in the world that’s also strong, light, transparent and flexible. The company, Moxi Group, has already worked and produced the prototype and by the end of this year, they are expected to put 100,000 units on sale in China.

The company says that the initial version of the released smartphones will only have black-and-white displays. Aiming for a full color version will be a technical challenge which the company can look to produce by 2018. One tone phones’ expected price, at the outset, will be around 5000 yuan which is equivalent to $760 = Rs 76,000/-.

It will be the first of its kind if these bendable smartphones are introduced later this year. Fair to say it would be one great innovation and the significance it will have on the individuals. Moreover, if the idea works and if this innovation pulls off as planned, Moxi Group will create a big impact and will definitely challenge some of the biggest giants in the market.

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