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For The Record: 36 Hilarious Coronavirus Memes Documenting the Pandemic

“If we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane,” the American poet Robert Frost once said. He’s never been more right.

The COVID-19 pandemic has the world firmly in its grip. And it’s looking grim.

But despite everything -the travel restrictions, the lockdowns, the safety measures – people have refused to stop laughing. Or making memes.

So, to brighten your day, here are X of the most hilarious COVID-19 memes and tweets. They chart the pandemic from the outbreak to the present-day lockdown and even show a glimpse of the future.

Was it really just a few short months ago that this meme made the rounds? It certainly feels like a classic: An iconic scene from Lord of the Rings making the point that 20s have been a plague-prone decade for the past couple of centuries.

Once news of the coronavirus started coming out of China, though, memes on the historical parallels started popping up all over the place.

But back in February, the virus was still far away for most of us.

In March, it suddenly came a’knocking,  and things got real ugly pretty quick.

Some governments hit the lockdown button right away. Others were decidedly less decisive.

But it was soon clear that we’d all have to work together to save the world. Just … not like we expected.

The gap between what many people thought a worldwide crisis would look like, and how it does look like was massive. Also fashion-wise.

Some essentials suddenly experienced unprecedented popularity.


Toilet paper, in particular, became worth its weight in gold.

And some people might have gone a little overboard on their shopping sprees.

Though virus-proofing equipment like hand sanitizer also became… precious.

Some media outlets blew their tops in their warnings, but institutions like the CDC are helping us keep our cool, and our tongues where they belong.

For most people though, life soon settled into lockdown mode. Keeping calm and carrying on.

Though for some professionals, setting up shop at home proved… difficult.


Students diligently transitioned to online classes.

And are taking things in stride until the end of the academic year.

Some cultural essentials just have to keep going in the age of social distancing.

Priorities have definitely changed.

And many people are getting cabin fever.

For introverts, the transition has markedly been easier than for others.

But as many are learning, staying home all the time can have … weighty consequences.

Though there have been some beneficiaries of the quarantine measures. Wildlife is flourishing.

Despite everything, sometimes the animals also miss their human pals/food dispensers.

Thinking about the year so far feels almost surreal now.

Speaking of errors…

… and the devil in the details…

… it really makes you wonder what 2020 still has in store for us.

And, well, there’s a whole lot of 2020 left.

But one thing is certain – the corona crisis will pass. And for most of us, it’s just going to be a distant memory in the future. Something to tell our kids about.

And our grandkids, with all the benefits of 20/20 hindsight.

But luckily, we’ll have the historical meme record to help us tell the tale of our corona exploits!


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1 Comment

  1. Malia

    09/11/2020 at 8:18 pm

    Coroana Hmmmmmmmmm? mean while getting sprayed🤣

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