A freelancer to an owner of his own house: Inspiring success tale of Bobby from Faisalabad

Often freelancing is looked up as a back up career or a second grade job which helps college students or professionals to get some extra cash for their miscellaneous expenses but it seems a few individuals are changing the entire meaning of free lancing by making great career out of it! We have such talented individuals in Pakistan as well. There is also a misconception that all online jobs are either too downstream or simply part of a bigger scam which do not pay you well for your services. Meet Bobby, a graphic designer from Faisalabad who has done extremely well for himself by not only making a very successful career but has also managed to buy his own house in just a span of less than 5 years through this online job.

Bobby’s Career Story…

Technology has undoubtedly opened a whole new world of opportunities for those who know how to find some. Bobby is one such dynamic individual who believed in himself when started off as a free lancer six years ago. He is based in Faisalabad and freelances on Fiver where he earns money by making graphic designing projects for his clients.

Bobby got his inspiration by reading another success story about Fiver seller who managed to buy his own house by solely working on Fiver as one of the best seller. The brain from Faisalabad signed up as a Wingle and created his first gig. He intelligently provided a thorough description of his work and added a few samples of his work. His work caught the attention of many clients and luckily Bobby made his first sale. Than there was no looking back as Bobby made 70 sales in his first month of operation and started getting many concrete recommendations from his clients. Thus leading to repeat sales.

With luck and talent combined, soon Bobby’s gig became best selling and got featured on Fiver’s Website hence generating positive word of mouth and high fame. His efforts paid off as he became the “Top Rated Seller” due to a whole list of satisfied clients. Soon all his financial problems were solved as the his income was getting heftier by the day. Eventually within a spam of three and a half years Bobby managed to buy his own house through these earnings where now he happily lives with his wife and daughter. Thus proving this myth wrong that online jobs aren’t reliable for a living.

What Fiver offers?

Fiver is a place where you can start your work with as low as $5. He took complete benefit from this service by offering his graphic designing or animation service on this global online marketplace. This website is primarily used by those who want to offer their services to clients globally.

The best thing about Fiver is that you don’t have to find projects but projects will find you if the quality of your work is superior. Potential clients will choose those freelancers where they find top quality work and efficient service. Bobby’s philosophy was to improve his work persistently rather than looking for clients which helped him getting more work eventually.

This man believes he has not only managed to earn a stable income but also achieve his dream as this platform changed his life completely. He now enjoys the liberty of relaxed working hours and more freedom to work than he would have in a regular conventional 9-5 job.

Bobby suggests all new freelancers to improve on their work quality and originality as this will prove to be a key to their success. He further added by saying that effective communication with your clients is also a major factor as it will enable you to retain clients in the first place. His efforts will pave way for many other unemployed professionals who have the talent but do not know how to channelize it in the right way. We hope Pakistanis continue to bring laurels in other fields as well.

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