Fulbright Program Budget Cut May Affect Pakistan Strongly

Fulbright Program, an American-based scholarship program for competitive and merit-based grants for international educational exchange, is going through a serious phase of trouble these days. In a latest development, one of the world’s most sought after scholarship platforms, is currently at the verge of a major crisis because of the latest budget allocation in the US.

The recent budget proposal submitted by the management of Fulbright Program has a reduction of 47% for the fiscal year 2018. The decline in the budget of the program will result in elimination of a number of grants. As a direct consequence, the move will severely hurt many countries including Pakistan.

It is relevant to state that even though Fulbright Program has been faced quite a few budget cuts in the recent years; but it has still managed to maintain a stable funding.

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Petition initiated to restore funding

As a reaction to the reduction in the budget, a petition has been filed to retrieve the funding of the program back to where it was originally i.e. $250 million level.

The chief reason for commencing the petition has been to ensure the continuity of the 71-years rich history of the program. It has assisted tens of thousands of international artists, professionals, scholars, scientists, students and teachers.

Former graduates have initiated this support program. It contains a sample letter along with a phone script to assist the supporters so that they can electronically send their message to their congressional representatives.

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In order to support the Fulbright Program, the cause advocates are expected to:

  • Register for national conference
  • Become a part of Fulbright’s social media campaign by using #StandForFulbright hashtag
  • Associate with Fulbright Association Chapter
  • Get in touch with their college or university’s federal relations office

You can also sign an online petition by clicking here.

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