Good Bye Free 3G For Mobilink Postpaid Customers

Mobilink is the last to launch its post paid 3G bundles. The postpaid subscribers were enjoying free 3G service up until recently. Here is a quick look at the buckets available for Mobilink PostPay.

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Seen independently the bundles seem simple , offering a lower price per GB as customers increase total usage volume. It is also evident upgrading from Monthly Mini to Monthly Max comes at a the cost of Rs 100 for every GB purchased.  However to see the market competitiveness of the 3G postpaid buckets , let runs a quick analysis against other competitors.

 Alternative Postpaid Plans 

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Based on per MB price Telenor, Mobilink and Zong are similarly priced with Zong providing  better value for money. Ufone remains the priciest options in the postpaid segment. It is also interesting to note Zong has the same buckets available for its prepaid customers.

Telenor and Zong provide their postpaid customer base with a wider variety of options, mainly less data based options , which in turn more likely reflect the market segment demand the companies are targeting with their postpaid bundles.  It consequently follows that simpler pricing plans by Mobilink and Ufone are a depiction of the customer segment targeted and available to these companies.

Mobilink Post Pay Analysis with Prepaid buckets

A fair ground of comparison may also be drawn by comparing prices of Mobilink’s monthly Prepaid with Mobilink Postpaid bundles. Lets quickly take a look at the monthly prepaid bundles available in the market:


Clearly the data size available in the prepaid packages is far less than that made available in the post paid packages. This also makes the prepaid packages a lot more expensive in comparison to the postpaid buckets on per MB bases. However alternatively it can also be observed that prepaid packages still remain a lot more affordable in terms of total cost to be paid for the service.

Final Verdict

Postpaid bundle pricing is highly competitive in the market currently and based on pricing alone will not tempt customers to shift from one company to another.  Speed of internet, additional  bundle details (such as call rates and sms charges) , brand image and connectivity are still likely to impact customer choice. This indicates that market dynamics have not shifted drastically from the pre 3G era to the post 3G era.

From an internal comparison, price/MB for postpaid buckets is less than the prepaid buckets however total cost associated with prepaid buckets are more pocket friendly. Since  Mobilink assumes that the market segment for postpaid and prepaid customers have a clear distinction it is unlikely that price/MB for 3G will impact portability from prepaid packages to postpaid packages for majority of its users.

In summary, Mobilink’s postpaid packages are following the relative market standard. Such price competitiveness is unlikely to impact customer portability. Market/Customer share wars are  likely to remain a function of alternative factors and price for 3G bundles alone are not going to encourage customers to make subscription decisions.

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