Google and Salesforce interested in acquiring Twitter

Online social networking service, Twitter is reportedly in conversation with plenty of tech companies like Google and Salesforce for a potential sale. According to CNBC, the social company may receive an official bid from one or more companies very soon. It is pertinent to mention that there is no assurance that the deal will strike between Twitter and Tech Company.

In the past few months, Twitter has been in the limelight for all the not-so-good reasons. The critics have questioned about the way they run a company. Moreover, with flat growth, decline in profits and negative reactions from users over controlling harassment are some of the key areas Twitter needs to work upon. Experts have even gone on to call for a involvement from a bigger company to combat all these troubles.

Twitter’s share price incremented 20% and it continue to climb steadily even since this news is broken. In addition, Twitter has ‘received expressions of interest’ from number of parties but they are yet to officially receive a formal bid. However, it is expected that a bid would come shortly in place from at least one of the tech giants.


Both Google and Salesforce have failed to make a substantial mark in the social media space. The former company would be in a great position if they manage to close the deal. While resources to acquire Twitter are not a concern for Google, they can in fact accommodate global team of Twitter. On the other hand, Salesforce is also tremendously cash rich. Subsequently, they could add Twitter to its diverse line-up of social and cloud enterprise services.

Microsoft and Verizon also in the race?

According to the report of TechCrunch, Microsoft and Verizon have also been reported as interested companies to acquire Twitter. When asked if the news holds any relevance, a spokesperson from Microsoft stated:

“At this moment Microsoft has nothing to share”

The sources claim that the tech companies might be interested in the data of Twitter rather than its position as a media source.

The next few hours/days would be interesting to see whether any tech giant puts forwards a considerable bid. Furthermore, it remains to be seen whether a change of ownership will be able to breathe new life into this unique platform.

In your opinion, which tech company would be able to acquire Twitter (if at all they do)?

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