Google Earth Pro Goes Free From $400 a Year, Download Now

Google has just sliced the price of Google Earth Pro to $400 a year to nothing. You can now enjoy Google Earth Pro features for free, a pretty good news for all the 3D map making junkies.

Google Earth Pro had a hefty price tag since its start. For a normal use, like finding places on maps; checking out images of some place far away and directions can be done on Google Earth’s normal version. Google Earth Pro is for professionals. You can tinker with data in the 3D space, make HD videos, and print 3D images.

Here are some of the pronounced feature of Google Earth Pro which might force you to start using it if the ‘Free’ tag on it is still unable to do so.

  • You can measure distances between 3D objects on the map including circles, polygons, mountains, jungles etc. Non Pro Google Earth version cannot do this, it is simply for lines and straight paths.
  • You can print 3D and normal images of size up to 4800×3200 using Google Earth Pro. The non-pro Google Earth version only supports printing up to 1000×1000.
  • Using Google Earth Pro, you can capture 3D, HD videos and record whatever is on the screen for an unlimited time. This means that you can capture you map making for further edits and presentations; you can record your trips; you can record your vagabonding on maps for later fun.
  • Google Earth Pro imports thousands of addresses automatically for you on the map. This feature is nifty for those who are into GIS and mapping work.

Google announced this good news in a blog post and said that Google Earth Pro will still need a license key for activation. But no need to freak out: you can get the key by filling out a simple form here.

After getting the key, you can download Google Earth Pro for free. Enjoy!



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