Google Play Store Is Gifting Some Free Cash; $1 To Be Precise

Have you tapped on the Google Play Store in last couple of days? If so, have you been credited with $1 so far? Well, to everyone’s surprise, Google Play Store is rewarding $1 to some random users. Who does not love some free cash even if it’s a mere $1.

How can I get $1 from Google?

Google is crediting the Play Store account of some users with $1 cash. There is no way you can get $1 by doing something. It has to be pure luck of an individual. All you need is to tap on your Play Store app from your PC or an Android device to see and check if you are among the lucky ones to get the cash reward. There is no selection criteria.

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Number of users have already been credited with $1. Google picked them randomly. None of them did anything apart from tapping on the Play Store app on their device. One will come to know about getting the reward upon tapping the Play Store app. He will then get to see a red card which will read:

“A gift for you – $1 Play Credit”

Upon seeing the banner, all you need is to click on the card to get your account credited with $1. This is how the banner will look like:

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The last date to utilize $1 is 14th September 2017. It is noteworthy to mention that $1 is not a lot of amount to but it is enough for someone who would like to download an app which is priced at $1 or lower. Moreover, you can also rent a movie if you are an avid user of Google Play Store. The decision is up to you whether you would like to get an app or rent a movie or use $1 for something else.

Have you been gifted yet?

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