Guide: How To Apply For Insaf Imdad Package

Amid COVID-19, Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar decided to provide much-needed relief to the struggling and deserving families under Insaf Imdad Package. As per the package, a family would be receiving Rs12,000. Earlier, the amount was fixed at Rs4,000; however, upon the request of chief minister, the financial aid is now Rs12,000.

The Government of Punjab aims to provide the aforementioned package to as many as 2.5 million sidelined families of the province.

How to apply for Insaf Imdad Package?

Essentially, there are three steps:

  • SMS
  • Online [website]
  • Mobile App


To apply for Insaf Imdad Package, all you need is to send a SMS Insaf Imdad Package.

Write Message > type Imdad (CNIC) (Full Name) and send it to 8070

Example: Imdad 12345-6789101-1 Muhammad Ali [and then send it to 8070]

Upon receiving your message, your data will be verified. Once your application is approved, the concerned party will notify you.

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You can also apply for Insaf Imdad Package online by clicking here.

All you need is to enter your name, CNIC number and mobile number.

Click on submit.

It is pertinent to mention that anyone who has already availed any other scheme as offered by Government of Pakistan shall not be eligible to benefit from this scheme.

This package is not applicable for the following people:

  • Utility bills higher than Rs10,o00
  • Currently employed or retired government employee
  • Anyone who owns a car
  • Landlord
  • Anyone who has availed any different package

Mobile Application

Insaf Imdad app is also available to download on Google Play Store. By downloading the application, one can fill the form after launching the app and apply for the package. As of now, the application is not available elsewhere.

The application can be downloaded by clicking here.

In case of any other information, you can dial 042-99030120!

Government of Punjab will be confirming the received data from the Ehsaan Programme, Benzair Income Support Programme and Power Supply Companies. As a result, if anyone has not attained the aforementioned programmes then s/he would be eligible for the cash grant. Punjab Government will be providing cash relief to the eligible people through telecom companies.

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