Guide to Seamless Google Web Search on Chrome

When you open a new tab in Google Chrome, a search bar appears. Factually speaking, it’s not the ‘actual’ search bar. It simply shifts your activity to the browser’s address bar without returning any search results. Yes, at face value, it’s indeed a useless tool.

There’s a hidden setting in Chrome’s flag menu from where the tab’s search bar can be transformed into a proper and actual Google search form including auto-completing entries as you type.

Follow these steps to enable this function:

  • Open the Chrome browser and visit: chrome://flags/#ntp-realbox
  • Click the dropdown menu and choose Enabled
  • Restart the Chrome browser

This feature will only work for those Chrome browsers where Google is set as the default search engine. If that isn’t the case, do the following:-

  • Enter chrome://settings/ in browser tab
  • Choose Search Engine from the left-side menu
  • Click on the dropdown box and select Search engine used in the address bar
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