Hackers From India Deface Official Website Of Pakistan Government But It Is Now Retrieved

On Thursday afternoon, some Indian hackers defaced the official website of Pakistan Government in a cyber-attack. Reportedly, the hacking incident took place at around 03:00 pm in the afternoon. The website remained vandalized; however, it was restored back in time.

Indian hackers are at it again…

The hackers, who defaced the website, were apparently from India. When the website was opened during the hack, following message was displayed:

Indian flag was also seen in the background along with the national anthem of India being played in the background.

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The news spread like a fire and people started to react about it on the social media. When the authorities came to know about the hack, they immediately took the action and recovered the website. This is not the first time a website of Pakistan government has been hacked.

Possible reason of hacking?

Four months ago, some hacking attacks were made when Pakistani hackers defaced four prestigious institutes of India. This attack on the website of Pakistan Government may well be a retaliation from across the border.

The websites which Pakistani hackers defaced were restored back. However, they were re-attacked, this time, with message in favor of Pakistan and anti-India messages.

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Cyber war between the two countries is not a new thing. According to the Pakistani hackers group, they defaced Indian websites in response to the hack of Pakistan Railways website.

This hacking needs to stop from both sides of the border. However, it is likely that the next attack could be from Pakistan in reply to this Indian attack on Pakistan Government website. It is significant that the official websites of both countries secure their servers from the back end so that such attacks do not take place in the future.

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