Here’s Where You Can Back Up Your Smartphone Images

There could be a moment when a certain app update or a bug could eradicate a user’s smartphone data including images and videos. As a result, the loss can be irreparable. Therefore, it is encouraged to have a backup of smartphone images – that too, online – to avoid any heartache. In an ideal scenario, it’s better to have data stored in multiple locations. Resultantly, a user will still able to access his data in case one backup fails.

Luckily enough, some of the cloud-based services empower users to backup images without any hidden charges.

Free websites to backup your smartphone images

Plenty of websites are available for free uploading. However, we have handpicked few of them and they are jotted as under:

  • Imgur
  • Flickr
  • PhotoBucket
  • 500PX

All aforementioned websites include adverts. Surely, that is not a problem as long as there are no uploading charges. A user gets a storage of 20GB on Imgur while Flickr permits users to upload as many as 1,000 photos or 1TB of data [whichever option is obtained first]. PhotoBucket lets users upload 250 images while 500PX empowers seven uploads per week.

There’s one obstacle to these free websites and it is that they come with limited uploading restrictions. This may not be an issue for routine photographers; however, this could be a worrisome thing for committed professionals.

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Paid cloud-based services

Nonetheless, paid options are always there and services like Pixpa and ImageShack are widely used. Following are some of the cloud-based options which offer paid services:

  • Amazon Prime Photos
  • Creative Cloud
  • Google Photos
  • iCloud

The annual charges are $120 in the case of Amazon Prime which offers some extraordinary perks including unlimited and full-resolution photo storage. Moreover, the option of video storage is also available. On the other hand, Creative Cloud is effective for Lightroom and mobile users. The storage is aplenty and it could be upgraded as per the need.

As far as Google Photos is concerned, both iOS and Android users can take advantage of it by storing unlimited photos with 16MP resolution or lower. If files are big enough in size, it will cut it into your free 15GB of Google storage. The payment plans are cheaper as compared to other paid services. Conversely, iOS users are comfortable using iCloud as it gives up a free storage of 2GB. A user can definitely pay to acquire more GBs though.

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