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Herself joins hands with WCCI to make the idea of empowered women a reality in Pakistan

Herself is the women empowerment initiative of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), headed by Dr. Umar Saif. The sole purpose of the program is to guide women towards a balanced lifestyle by enabling them to earn for themselves after realizing their true potential and getting the required skill set. A package of 20+ trainings divided into the categories of personal development, technical skills and entrepreneurial/business skills is provided to a new group of women every 3-4 months in the Herself pre-incubation training program.

To take the vision forward of empowering women through tech and in turn helping them become self sustainable, Herself has recently joined hands with the Women Chambers of Commerce and Industry (WCCI) Lahore. WCCI shares Herself’s vision of providing women a direction for their career paths and making them independent.

A formal MoU signing ceremony was held at Arfa Software Technology Park on November 13th 2017. This was led by Director Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development PITB, Nabeel A. Qadeer who signed the MoU with Ms. Falahat Imran, President WCCI. Sr. Program Manager PITB, Mehak Jamal and Marketing & PR Executive Herself, Ayesha Mubashir from the Herself team were also in attendance on the ceremony and represented the program.

The event revolved around the words of Dr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB that “Technology is emerging at a very high speed and we need to make sure Pakistani women are equipped with technical knowledge. Once this is done, there is nothing a woman can’t do even while sitting at home.” While addressing the attendees of the ceremony, including the executives and members of WCCI, Mr. Qadeer expressed the vision of Dr. Umar Saif of establishing a gender balanced entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan. He said ‘’Half of Pakistan’s population consists of women. It’s important we include as many women into our entrepreneurial ecosystem to give a major uplift to our economy. Herself now joining hands with WCCI is just the start to making this happen”

Founder President WCCI, Dr. Shehla Javed shared her vision of helping women progress in their entrepreneurial journeys through such collaborations and emphasized on the importance of creating more platforms for women where they can experiment, fail and learn from their mistakes eventually becoming ready to run businesses and contribute to the economy of Pakistan.

This partnership between Herself and WCCI shall open new domains for women who want to become self-sustainable. It will introduce a program that respects the social and family constraints, enabling women to become independent from homes through freelancing online. The core focus will be kept on the latter along with entrepreneurship for which extensive trainings will be held, empowering women through tech and entrepreneurial skills.

We hope such programs continue to provide confidence to women and give them stronger personalities, enabling them to compete for leadership roles.

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