The Highest-Paying Jobs In Tech In 2017

In our coverage of the jobs market in the United States and beyond, it’s become apparent that those with skills in the realm of technology are in pretty good shape when it comes to finding work—now and in the foreseeable future. But which jobs in the industry provide the best pay overall, equity aside?

To answer that question we looked to a recent data-pull from LinkedIn, a global social platform and job search resource focused squarely on professionals. According to the company’s info – which is accurate as of March 27 – we have a better picture of which job titles pay the most. We wrapped LinkedIn’s top 15 into a slideshow, which you can view below.

One of the takeaways we see is that it’s not just developers and software engineers that are earning healthy wages; the professionals working on the periphery of tech-creation within companies are also raking it in. The most lucrative job on LinkedIn’s roster is a case-in-point: the Vice President of Sales. Professionals in that role – who essentially oversee the sale of tech products to customers, be they consumers or other businesses – earn annual median compensation of $300,000.

The next two highest-earning positions are in the business of overseeing the creation and upkeep of products: Senior Director of Engineering and Senior Director of Product Management. These roles earn median annual compensation of $250,000 and $240,000 respectively.

Another role within tech firms, that of Senior Corporate Counselor – a legal advisor to a company – also made the list, at number 15, earning  $196,000 a year in median compensation.

Some other high-paying jobs in the tech industry that are more focused on selling and marketing products than creating them are Regional Sales Director ($235,000), Enterprise Sales Director ($215,000), Sales Director ($210,000) and Vice President of Marketing ($208,000).

In putting together the list of top-paying jobs, LinkedIn only considered job titles for which it had received 20 or more salary reports from verified LinkedIn members in the U.S. C-Suite jobs like chief executives, chief technology officers and chief intelligence officers were excluded.

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