H&O Services: Seeking and Retaining Blue Collar Workers Has Never Been Easier

H&O Services - Seeking and Retaining Blue Collar Workers Has Never Been EasierH&O Services - Seeking and Retaining Blue Collar Workers Has Never Been Easier

We have all had this grey period in our lives when our household staff quits suddenly. One day you are sitting in the lounge sipping tea, and keeping an eye on the maid as she sweeps the floor and the next day she disappears. Or the driver suddenly falls sick to never return back to work? For all most all men and women, the period of no-maid is horrible, too grey to even imagine.

What if we tell you that those days are now over. A startup from LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, H&O Services is the answer to all your blue collar worker woes. H&O Services, a blue collar worker’s placement business entity resolves the issue of unemployment, non-reliability and security which exists in the Pakistani blue collar market regarding workers in the different areas.

It has just been disclosed that they secured the seed funding from two Middle East based investors. Although the exact terms of the have not been revealed yet but it has been confirmed that the investment values the company, a recent graduate of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, in a six figure US dollars.

H&O Services intends to use their seed capital firstly for field marketing activities, strengthening its team and infrastructure to support the increased demand from both, the side of the workers and the employers, secondly for targeting more workers through “registration drives” and by creating jobs in posh localities to reach to the domestic and commercial employers. Thirdly, from this investment they also plan to provide soft skill training’s to the workers so they could perform better on jobs.

The investor​s Hamza Irfan Baig and Ali Baig,​who originate from Pakistan but are based in Riadh, Saudi Arabia are very excited about this investment, “It is a pleasure to invest in H&O Services and be part of it. The enthusiasm, motivation and vision of Muddasar really impressed us and we decided to invest by just seeing what they want to accomplish. ​We’ve always wanted to help Pakistani start-ups and think of it as a way of giving back to our society and our country. ​We wish very best of luck to Muddasar and his team and hope that they’ll work even harder to solve this huge issue prevalent in our society.”

Muhammad Muddasar Sharif, CEO of H&O Services and a recent LUMS graduate, said, “We’re excited to procure this funding at such a crucial stage and it is undoubtedly a huge achievement for our team. I now realize that the actual work will begin from this instant onwards as there are a lot of challenges ahead of us. At present our goal is to increase the graph of number of workers, the clients and the placements exponential. From this funding, I’m looking at a very bright future for everyone involved in H&O and for those who’ll join us in future.”

The company’s crew aims at bringing new kinds of innovative services which have previously never been offered in Pakistan.

The Marketing Manager at H&O, Maham Ejaz, aims to convey this message to everyone that they’re seeking to expand their team and are looking for both energetic co-founders and employees. She said “We need innovative, creative and hardworking individuals who want to change the blue collar market with innovation and strategy. We want people to join us on our vision and not on what we offer to them”.



  1. Babar Khan

    19/04/2015 at 12:53 am

    A great business idea to offset the douchebaggery of maids and drivers.

  2. Saad Najeeb

    04/05/2015 at 3:26 pm

    Hi there, can i have you email address or contact details, need to share some thing with you.

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