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How to do LinkedIn Marketing?

Each social media channel has its style and properties that distinguishes it from the other. Every successful online campaign has achieved its objective because it followed the rhythm of that particular network on which it was executed. Same goes for LinkedIn. Being one of the most powerful network online, its advanced feature is the best segmentation tool that any marketer can dream of. Once you have connected with your ideal audience as we have discussed before in our previous post, now is the time to take the second step. The next step in your LinkedIn marketing campaign is to engage with your audience. Remember, engagement does not mean sending sales messages without understanding the needs of the customer. Nobody does business with a stranger. If you leave a bad impression in your first interaction then your chances of rebuilding that relationship have simply faded. Once your prospect considers you a salesman whose aim is to just pitch the product at any cost; then simply sign off from LinkedIn and engage in something else.

Steps for LinkedIn marketing?

Remember this four step marketing funnel for LinkedIn

Stranger -> Prospect -> Lead -> Customer

Stranger: When you are sending out a connection request to your target audience, you are inviting a stranger to join your network. A customized message would increase your chances of being accepted.

Prospect: When you add a potential client to your network, you’ve connected with a prospect. Your connection doesn’t know who you are or how good you or your product is. So from here you start to network and build a relationship.

Lead: Once you have started networking with your audience and led them to take your desired action then they have become a lead. For example: the lead downloaded your ebook and by doing so they have now been added to your email marketing sales funnel.

Customer: Once they’ve been included in your email marketing funnel, now is the time to take them to the next level. Automate a series of emails that further add value to the free stuff that you’ve shared. As you educate your lead and take them to a level where they consider that your product is a good fit for their needs and go on to buy it then you’ve successfully made them your customer.

Did you notice from where we started? It all started with a LinkedIn connection and then we slowly build the relationship from there. It would have been much easier to pitch the product to the customer via LinkedIn but would that result in a sale? It’s similar to saying that you are walking down the road and suddenly a stranger bumps in and asks you to buy the product. 9 out of 10 times you would simply refuse and walk away. Don’t use LinkedIn in isolation. Use it as a part of your integrated marketing strategy and get your desired results. Recently one of my client closed a partnership deal with a lead with whom we connected on LinkedIn. It took a few months and finally we managed to close the deal. Therefore don’t rush to get results. Be patient and follow your plan of action and the results will come by.

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