How-To Guide: Ways To Refine Your Google Search Results

Have you ever come across Google Search results which you were not looking for in the first place? If your answer is yes, have you ever wondered why such result? Moreover, there could be a problem in what and how you asked for it. Therefore, there are some tips and techniques for you to comprehend in this article so that you can refine your Google Search results.

How to polish Google Search results?

For effective results, you need to make sure that you search for a desired outcome in the right manner. It is significant that you use words or symbols within your search to have more accurate and precise results.

  • Punctuation is not a part of Google Search operator
  • Avoid giving spaces between the symbol or word and your search term
  • If you will search for, it will work. However, if your search is vague and with spacing; site:, then it won’t work

By following the aforementioned steps, you can get the desired results. On the contrary, you can also upgrade your Google Search results for the images. All you need is to go for the following steps:

  • Go to Advanced Image Search
  • To refine and narrow your results, use filters like file type or region
  • Click on Advanced Search at the bottom of your screen

Besides, getting a precise image size is also a possibility. Whatever you are looking for, once you are finish typing it, add the text imagesize:widthxheight. It is pertinent to add the dimensions in pixels. For instance: imagesize:600×300

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Popular search tricks

  • To search for a query related to social media, put @ before the word

Example: @Instagram

  • Looking for a price of something? Add $ in front of a number

Example: Smartphone $1000

  • In the case of hashtags, put # before a word

Example: #NewYear

  • If your search is contradicting, you need to minus the word which you don’t want in your search

Example: Police mobile –phone

By doing so, you will not get to see any mobile phone news or images

  • To look for a precise match, add quotes between the word or phrase

Example: “Short heighted cricketer”

  • Searching between specific numbers can be done by adding . . between two numbers

Example: Rs500..Rs5000

  • You need to put OR in between your search query for a combined search

Example: Square cut OR cover drive

  • Specific site result can be obtained by putting site: in front of a domain without any spacing


  • If you already know of a web address, put ‘related’ in front of the site to look for related sites


  • Google’s cache version of a particular site can be seen by adding ‘cache’ before the site address


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