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How to Preserve Your Yahoo Groups Data before its Extinction

Yahoo Groups, the legendary online community, is soon shutting down forever. Former groups will now be consolidated into email lists.

These groups will become private and communication will only be possible through emails. The entire cache of data available on Yahoo’s servers will be wiped clean.

If you had a group and are wondering how to preserve your data, you have a few days left to export it.

How to Save your Data

Download Yahoo’s export tools from their support page and follow the instructions to save your personal/group contents.

Useful Substitutes

There are several alternatives to Yahoo Groups, some of which provide greater services and options:-

  • Perhaps the best messaging board available at present. It can integrate seamlessly with Facebook, RSS feeds, Github, Trello and more. Advanced tools come at a price however the free version is quite self-sufficient too.
  • Google Groups: Users can create discussion threads, calendar events and polls. Although the user interface is somewhat old, it is still a decent substitute for Yahoo Groups.
  • Facebook: The social networking giant allows users to create homogenous groups but do not contain the same set of diverse options as the aforementioned two.
  • Discord: This is primarily focused on the gamer community with end-to-end encryption and assured privacy. It allows you to create customised private chat rooms, upload files, send direct messages and other management tools.
  • Slack: Apart from professional collaboration, it enables private communication facilities for large group. Users can create sub-channels, upload/share files and engage in private messaging. It can also be integrated with Google Drive, Trello and Adobe’s Creative Suite, to name a few.
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. BMaverick

    01/12/2019 at 12:49 am

    GroupsIO will transfer your Yahoo Group over for a 1yr membership to Premium.


    Your group can do the work for a mere fraction of the cost using PGO. PGO has been the Yahoo Groups 3rd party archiver and reader software for YEARS. In the next week, the PGO 2 GIO uploader will become available.

    A the present time, Yahoo Groups has been running in a very unstable way for the past 2 weeks.

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