15 Icons Who Prove That Success can be had at Any Age

No matter how many times we hear the phrase ‘age is just a number’, we know that deep down inside, we feel differently. According to most surveys, many people believe that the BEST age to be successful is between 24 and 40 years of age. As soon as a person hits 50, people assume that they’re past their prime and have no chance of being successful after this age. And well, anyone under 24’s just too young to be considered. However, no matter if you’re young, old or anywhere in the middle. These 15 icons will help you realize that success can be achieved at any age, be it 24, 40, or anywhere between and above-all you need is the right attitude.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg:

Mark Zuckerberg was a mere 19 years of age when he launched Facebook- a social media website that has changed the way we communicate forever. Launched in 2004, Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg a Millionaire by 2007. Today, Zuckerberg’s net worth is believed to be more than 80 Billion Dollars.

  1. Colonel Sanders:

Moving on from one of the biggest names in Technology and Social Networking today, we arrive at the man who made KFC possible: Colonel Sanders.

Did you know that the Colonel was more than 60 years old when he actually launched the food-chain properly in the form of an institution?

  1. David Karp:

David Karp is another internet giant who relied on the medium to provide him with income. He started Tumblr, the microblogging forum at the age of 21 and today, he’s worth at least $200 Million.

  1. Missy Franklin:

Missy started applying for the Olympics team at the age of 12 and finally made her goal at 17 years of age. Today, at 18 years of age, she has won 4 gold medals in swimming for the USA in the last Olympic Games.

  1. Helen Keller:

Helen Keller became deaf and blind at the age of 19 months. Usually, in such a situation, many would assume that she spent the rest of her days in notoriety, living at the kindness of others. However, Keller went on to not only live an illustrious life full of many achievements, but she also became the first blind person to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts.

  1. Mozart:

Mozart had already mastered the piano, the violin and had also composed his first symphony at the age of 6.

  1. Anne Frank:

Anne Frank was 12 years old when she wrote the diary of Anne Frank, both a best seller as well as an account of the atrocities committed by the Nazis in the Second World War.

  1. Elvis Presley:

Hound dog, heartbreak hotel and countless others! Elvis, one of the pioneers of Rock and Roll, was only 19 when he was recognized as a Superstar.

  1. The Beatles (Well, Two of them):

John Lennon was a mere 20 years of age (while Paul McCartney was only 18) when the Beatles performed their first Concert in 1961.

  1. K. Rowling:
  2. K. Rowling was 30 years old when she finished the first manuscript of the iconic Harry Potter Series- a series that shaped a generation and is currently shaping another one too!
  3. Mark Twain:

Fan of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? Mark Twain was 49 years old when he wrote the latter and it’s as popular today as it was back then!

  1. Henry Ford:

Who hasn’t craved for a Ford Mustang or a Ford Anglia in our youth? Henry Ford was 49 years old when the Ford T came out into the market!

  1. Leonardo Da Vinci:

The great painter was no less than 51 years of age when he created the woman whose smile still holds millions in captivity- The Mona Lisa.

  1. Seuss:

Dr. Seuss was 54 when he wrote the world-famous book: Cat in The Hat!

  1. Nelson Mandela:

Mandela was 76 when he became the President of South Africa after decades worth of hard work.

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