Iflix prepares for launch in Pakistan

Iflix has hired Farees Shah, the rockstar at Rocket Internet, as a General Manager, and is preparing for launch in Pakistan. This is big news for the people of Pakistan as now they have an alternative to Netflix.

Netflix, the world’s leading movie and TV-Show streaming service, launched in Pakistan back in January 2016. And now similar services are entering the market simply because the market has been tested. However, in a country where content piracy is as easy as having a samosa, it is still not clear whether services like Netflix or Iflix will be able to be profitable.

iflix is Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service, and offers its users unlimited access to tens of thousands of hours of top movies and TV shows from all over the world, including various comedies, drama, K-drama, cartoons plus movies from Hollywood and Asia. You can watch your favorite movies from your smartphone, laptop or tablet for a very low monthly fee.

It is popular in countries like Malaysia, Phillipines, Thailand, and Malaysia and Pakistan will be its fifth market.  Iflix will launch in Costa Rica, Kenya and Myanmar later this year. Iflix’s strategy is to target countries with huge populations so that it is quickly able to gain market share. Also, it plans to avoid any competition with the giant Netflix.

Iflix recently got funding from Sky PLC through its subsidiary Surya Citra Media. Andrew Griffith, Group Chief Financial Officer, Sky commented:

iflix has quickly established itself as Southeast Asia’s most exciting and fastest-growing streaming TV service. There are lots of opportunities for Sky and iflix to work together and share expertise as both companies continue to expand. We are really looking forward to supporting Mark and his team deliver their ambitious plans.

With the increasing affordability of smartphone devices and the availability of 3G/4G networks in Pakistan, watching movies or TV shows while on the go is fast becoming a reality in Pakistan.

So if you are a Pakistani, and are thinking of choosing between Iflix & Netflix, here’s a guide for you. Perhaps you can see which service offers more of your favorite movie shows:



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