Best Iftar Options in Islamabad: Places You Will Love

An empty stomach can skew your judgment a little when it comes to matters of food and iftari. Whether you are in the mood for Italian or desi, a rooftop setting or a corner table, just got your pay cheque or struggling to make it to the end of the month, there exists a restaurant for every mood, budget, taste and cuisine; and we can help you figure out the right one for you!

Below, you will find a list of tried and tested options you can count on when your blood sugar is low and thinking capacity reduced. From elaborate royal spreads to cheap fast food, have your pick of where to break your fast in the capital city. In no particular order, feast your eyes for now.

Street 1 Cafe

Located at the heart of upscale Kohsar market, Street 1 offers a delectable range for both Iftar and dinner, and satisfies a variety of cravings all at once. The buffet includes the iftar classics and a selection of finger food, wholesome salads, scrumptious pastas, along with a number of main courses consisting of chicken. The cherry on top are the desserts, with the strawberry cheesecake warranting a special mention. Iftar is Rs. 2195 plus tax per person, but the charges go down to Rs. 1995 plus tax per person in case of larger groups of six or more. It is one of the slightly pricier options on this list, but the food and the night time ambiance in the outdoor seating is worth the cheque!

Tuscany Courtyard

Do you fancy a nice iftar in Italy? For a significantly lower price and zero airport visits, Islamabad can provide you with the next best thing: a beautiful Italian setting and scrumptious Italian food! Tuscany’s menu for Ramadan is scheduled to change every week but the common denominator remains good food and great ambiance. Goes without saying, the highlight of the menu are the pastas, and the Pesto salad. However, for Rs. 2400 plus tax, this iftar option is better reserved for special days.


These guys are the Thai specialists and it would be a shame to miss them out when considering the full range of cuisines available in the capital city. Visit them for the Thai Green Curry Beef and Oyster Chicken, and enjoy the Mint margaritas; their special Mezza platter also features Hummus and the softest pita bread. At Rs. 1695 plus tax, the buffet also includes hot bread pudding, chocolate mousse, and Tiramisu, of course!

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is infamous for its generous all you can eat deals. Whatever else any other restaurant in Pakistan comes up with, they can never beat the classic Pizza Hut deal come Ramadan. For a mere Rs. 849 + tax, you can eat your fill of pizzas, salads and wash it all down with bottomless drinks. The pizzas are all pan, and the toppings include Chicken Tikka, Chicken Fajita, Fajita Sicilian, Hot Stuff and Very Veggie. Further discounts are applicable on a range of bank cards. Instead of having its customers resorting to the horrendous buffet system so common at Iftars, the pizzas are served fresh from the oven at your table and they keep them coming while you eat. To make the most of the deal, try keeping your sehri light and head on over to settle in to eat until 9 pm.

Des Pardes

Are you in the mood for some good ol’ desi food in huge quantities after a long hard day of fasting? Des Pardes is the place to go! If you opt for the branch located in Saidpur village, the night time ambiance and outdoor setting will lighten your mood almost as well as their lassi will. At Rs. 1599 per person only, the deal is a steal. Besides a Live counter of all the nice chaats for iftar and a range of pakoras to devour, the dinner menu features the likes of dumpukht biryani, mutton paneer and makhmali seekh kabab. Bonus: Gulab jamun and Live hot jalabi included in the price!

Mei Kong

If you are looking to break away from the same routine iftars, Mei Kong’s Ramadan menu comes through like a breath of fresh air. They deliver Chinese cuisine like no other in the capital, and it tastes authentic without compromising on the added special Pakistani spices. While the dinner menu is continental, the Iftar menu contains a range of chaats and pakoras, along with desi kababs and kachori’s. The Iftar cum Dinner buffet is priced quite reasonably at Rs. 1595 plus tax. If you wish to forgo the Iftar, and go straight for the dinner buffet instead, that would cost you Rs. 1100 plus tax.

Cone Heads

An Iftar out in the town does not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket, as evident by the Iftar deals from Cone Heads. If you need to treat a pesky friend and get them off your back, you will love the Cone Heads deal for 2; for a mere Rs. 499, you get two burgers, two chicken strips, one small fries and a regular drink. For Rs. 1199, you can double the number of burgers and chicken strips, and get a 1.5 Litre drink to boost. Note: no one does fries as well as these guys do, and their toppings are to die for!

The Monal

Monal is the undisputed King of the Margalla Hills and requires little introduction; the ambiance for dinner is guaranteed as well (conditional to you making your reservations on time!). While the experience of a beautiful sunset in the hills and a breathtaking night time view of the city lights should suffice as strong motivators to visit at least once, the buffet is pretty remarkable too. The menu for the buffet consists of Pakistani and Continental cuisine, and the iftar menu goes well beyond just pakoras  and chaat. At Rs. 1465 per head, it is noteworthy to point out that their famous Cheese naan is on the menu as well!

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