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Filter Your Images and Videos With Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few years, advancements in technology have totally changed the way computers perceive both images as well as videos. Due to a steady advancement in technology, high-end hardware has helped research teams to achieve remarkable results when it comes to aid computers in both object detection as well as image background description.

This technology is now being used to aid content moderation. Comes in Sightengine, an image moderation company, is making its services available all across the world to help content moderation reach new heights and all of this is accomplished through a very simple API.

This API just analyzes incoming images as well as videos to detect and filter out any visuals depicting nudity, adult content or suggestive imagery almost as well as any human.

Looking back at the history of this feature, filtering has always been more in demand with dating applications and websites because they are the number 1 platform for spamming adult content despite the rules clearly forbidding it. Before the technology enabled software had captured the market, it either used to be content moderator persons sifting through the tedious task of monitoring the content posted at the platform, or the platforms relied on the community to flag and report any obscene content posted.

As camera-equipped smartphones hit the market, there came an unparalleled rise in the selfie-culture. In addition to that, social sharing of memes becoming a norm, it is estimated that more than 3 Million images are uploaded to the internet every day. Thus, making it very hard for human moderation, even if it comes in battalions of content moderators, to check each and every image and confirm its adherence to the community guidelines.

This is where image detection softwares kick in. These softwares don’t only check the image for nudity or otherwise but also help to describe what is happening in an image as an aid to visually impaired people across the globe. Facebook is actively using this artificial intelligence technology to provide a better user experience for people suffering from blindness across the globe.

Apart from this, these softwares can also be used to filter out any negative or potentially harmful images for victims of PTSD. War veterans can choose to filter out gory images and videos from their own feeds from every website thus making the internet a much friendlier place for everyone involved.

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