India and Pakistan top the chart in terms of selfies related deaths

The scholars of Carnegie Mellon University, USA and Indraprashtha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi have recently conducted a research which is titled “Me, Myself and My Killfie: Characterizing and Preventing Selfie Deaths.” In a study, it was revealed that as many as 127 people have lost their precious lives while clicking selfies. In addition, many have injured themselves which taking their snap. India has topped the chart with 76 such casualties followed by Pakistan and USA with 9 and 8 selfies related deaths respectively.

While mentioning a statement in their blog post, the researchers said:

“(The) clicking of dangerous selfies (has proved) to be so disastrous that during the year 2015 alone. There have been more deaths caused due to selfies than shark attacks all over the world”

According to a study, men are prone to take more dangerous selfies than women.

Few of them slipped while many tried to be cool

Prevention is always better than cure. It is important to stay alert all the time regardless of the ongoing situation. A terrible incident took place in India when 3 students died when they were trying to capture the coolest selfie in front of a fast approaching train.

On the other hand in another ugly incident, 7 people lost their precious lives when they were on a boat. They tried to take selfie while on the boat but subsequently the boat tilted and all of them lost their lives.

Another accident of the same nature took place in India when a tourist slipped down the stairs and lost his life while trying to click a selfie.

The major contributors in terms of selfies related deaths, as per the study, were:

1- Height
2- Water
3- Weapons
4- Train
5- Electricity
6- Animals
7- Vehicles


In India alone, approximately 87% of the people died in India due to water-related selfies. As a result, the Government of India has taken a precautionary measure to established ‘no-selfie’ zones on several tourist spots.
The study further stated:

“By analyzing selfie related deaths – in terms of group and individual deaths, it can be concluded that taking dangerous selfies not only puts the selfie-taker at a risk but also can also be hazardous to the people around them”

It is important to be cautious especially while taking selfies at locations which could prove to be hazardous.

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