Intel Introduces Compute Card: Credit Card-Sized Modular Computer

Intel has announced an altogether different yet brand new modular computer that is approximately the size of a credit card. Tech giant revealed the latest compute card at CES 2017 – an annual global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, on Thursday.

What is a Compute Card?

A compute card is developed to give an altogether different makeover to the way compute and connectivity can be unified. In addition, it can be utilized in devices that will be shaped in the future.

Typically, it comes with all the necessary components of PC which contains Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity along with flexible I/O choices. Moreover, the tech giant is also in talks with a number of partners for the optimization of compute card for their solutions. These solutions will range from interactive refrigerators and security cameras to smart kiosks and IoT gateways.

As far as the shape of compute card is concerned, it is marginally longer than a credit card. It is worth mentioning that compute card also provides the ideal solution to power everything. The solutions can range from entry level to fully featured host devices. In addition, it can operate as a Personal Computer (PC) or act as the control unit of other electronics. According to Intel, all the latest Intel processors up to 6W can be assembled into a compute card.

The makers of the little beauty have developed a standard Intel compute card slot in a particular device. One can get hold of it according to his pricing and performance needs. A person is not required to remove or replace the entire OLED TV if he feels like upgrading 2GB RAM into 4GB RAM. Instead, he can simply remove the existing compute card and replace it with a new one.

Availability of Compute Card

Compute card will be available in the market in the mid-2017. Moreover, it will come with an extensive range of processors options including the modern 7th Generation Intel Core processors. Intel has not yet announced the price. However, they did reveal that the price of the compute card will be made public in the 2nd quarter of 2017.


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