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Today, none of us can imagine our lives without a smartphone. Our smartphones perform millions of functions instead of us. They make our lives easier, making them much more interesting and efficient. However, do you use your smartphone smartly? Have you ever wondered about that? Or, have you ever asked yourself whether you are using the right billing plan or not? As you know, there are various carriers with different kinds of plans; call rates, promotions, data packages, etc. However, it is important to know which is the best one for you. Enter Intellistats.

What is Intellistats?

Intellistats is a valuable productivity Android app. It was created by Intellistats in November, 2013. It has a 4.7 rating on the Play Store. Intellistats is meant for everyone, as it is free to download.

Intellistats is an Android application, and it helps you to monitor your phone usage and helps you optimize it. Intellistats collects information about your phone usage on voice, SMS messages and data. Then, it starts to organize this information and statistics under various categories.  This is how it helps you analyze the usage of your phone data. Over time, you can use this data to help you use your phone in a smarter manner.

With so many mobile phone carriers, and packages, to choose from, it is important to know HOW you use your phone so you can choose the best package for you. Do you SMS more? Do you call “other carrier” numbers often? All these things can help you decide which package or deal would be best for you, helping you save money on mobile bills.

The app can also help you keep track of your monthly limits (SMS, free minutes). This can help you avoid running out of free minutes before the end of the month.

Here are the main features of the app:

  • It can show bills for tariff plans in supported countries,
  • It gives detailed statistics of your phone, text messages, and data usage,
  • The usage patterns are designed beautifully with impressive graphical illustrations,
  • It can filter your usage over the course of months, weeks, and you can define your own billing period,
  • It can show you with which carrier you have called the most,
  • It can help you to decide whether you should change your phone plan or carrier,
  • It helps you learn more about your contacts, and the frequency of interaction with them,
  • It helps you stay within your data usage limits,
  • It has improved calculations for bills,
  • You can see the bills for last 1, 3 and 6 month billing periods,
  • You can select your own package,
  • It works both for prepaid and post-paid packages,
  • It provides the user with the detailed bill summary, breaking it into two parts, that is on-net and off-net usage,
  • The usage notifications can be switched from the settings menu.

How Does Intellistats work?

Download the Intellistats app and launch the application on your smartphone. It will start collecting information, and soon you will have all the usage information you need. The main screen does not tell you much about the app’s functionality. You should select a category and you will be presented with a detailed statistics of that category. With the help of the application, you can see peak usage hours during daytime and night. It can classify your usage statistics into incoming and outgoing groups.

The application is easy to navigate. When you open it you can immediately see everything presented right in front of you. If you want to know the interaction statistics with this or that contact, tap on the user and you will find the right info. With the help of this amazing app, you can find out whether you are a conversation starter or not. So, you can know whether you or your friends send more text messages.

Some apps consume lots of data, and you are not even aware of that. Intellistats will reveal these apps to you. This way, you can decrease your usage of those applications. You can also keep an eye on your cellular and Wifi data usage. You can set different kinds of time filters manually, for example, monthly or weekly filters, and see all the analyzed stats according to your needs.

The application is beautifully designed with graphical illustrations and is very easy to use.

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  1. Stark Sons

    07/07/2014 at 1:37 pm

    Don’t install this app as it is actually a spyware that can read and sync your messages, contacts, call records etc. Please always read the permissions required by the app before installing it especially on android

    • Ali

      07/07/2014 at 5:22 pm

      Just because an app can read your messages and contacts, doesn’t mean it’s a spyware. For your kind information, there’s an app in your phone called “Facebook” that requires the same permissions. So as per your definition, is it a spyware?

      • Stark Sons

        07/07/2014 at 6:20 pm

        This app has nothing to do with my contacts and messages. In case of Facebook, it sync our contacts and messages with pemission

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