InteraCta to Redefine the Broadcasting Industry

InteraCta first received the spotlight a year ago when Maaz Kamal talked about a ground-breaking concept that will disrupt the advertising and broadcasting industry. A year later, it’s finally been executed.

What Khurram Zafar rates as one of the most promising startups to graduate from the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, InteraCta is an interactive broadcasting app that will allow television content producers and advertisers to interact with their viewers, get more eyeballs and even close deals with the click of a button.

This is how it works. When a visual que appears on the television screen, you will find an interactive point on your smartphone. Once you click on it, it will prompt you with a message tailored you what is appearing on the television screen. It can either be a quiz about the show you are watching or a special discount offer about a deal being advertised on the TV.

This just goes to show how the tools of trade developed in the world of digital advertising are now being embraced by the tradtional advertising industry. This also means that TV can save its own death by becoming more interactive. The broadcasters just cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity that will not only resusticate a dying industry, but give it a 360-degree makeover that will thrive for decades to come.

In the words of Maaz Kamal, the Founder of InteraCta, his app can totally change the advertising industry:

Imagine how much benefit TV industry can get from this technology. And with the help of smartphones, we can make a lot of things possible like pushing recipes cards, directions of the store where one can find the product he is watching on TV at that time.

For example, if you are watching a Telenor ad on your television screen, and you have InteraCta app installed on your phone, it would automatically detect signals from the TV screen and prompt you with a message to subscribe to the current telecom package being advertised. Imagine the possibilities.

If you are watching a travel company’s ad on television, you will receive a notification on your smartphone asking you to avail 20% on your next trip to Swat if you choose to purchase now. Sounds familiar? This is what digital advertising has been doing for years. If the broadcasting industry adopts this model, it will change advertising forever. Because television appeals to the mass-market, which means almost 10X more viewers than in the digital world.

Receiving $220k in seed funding from Fatima Ventures seems to be a small feat for InteraCta considering the immense application this app can have in the global marketing technology sector. The app has gone through some strict decibel testing which makes it pretty much immune to surrounding noise and can pick signals from roughly 5-10 feet away. If marketed properly, InteraCta has the potential to become a Silicon Valley powerhouse.

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