Introducing Facebook Lite for 2G Users on Android

Introducing Facebook Lite for 2G Users on Android

Facebook got its way to reaching you no matter what android phone you’re on and what type of data connection you’ve got. They’ve earned thumbs up as Facebook Lite is light as a feather and makes your way back to the Facebook wall. Facebook Lite is a light edition of Facebook Android app for 2G data users.

This version of Facebook android app isn’t even a 1Mb in size – It makes things quicker right from the installation to all the way to your timeline. It’s easy to install and run as it takes seconds to install and doesn’t take much data connection resources.

Facebook Messenger (on Android) is pretty much a data soaker – But, this one is different, it runs smoothly on Android phone with at least 1 Gb of RAM (better make it 2GB)…

Similarly, the main Facebook android app is extremely good at eating up your data connection resources, which is why Facebook has got this covered for you. Facebook Lite is specially designed for such users who don’t have access to 3G or 4G networks yet or maybe their geographic areas aren’t under the 3G and 4G coverage yet. This beauty requires Android 2.2 or higher edition of Android OS which doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Features of Facebook Lite

Take a quick look at these three features of this app:

Easy to Run on Android

As told before it’s extremely easy to manage for anyone who just knows about Facebook or regularly use this social networking website on laptop or PC. It really shouldn’t be hard for a user who is already on Facebook.

Lightweight on Phone

A bit technical part is that it has been designed with quite a skilled hand to keep things simple as much as possible – When 2G data connection users have been kept in mind, they might not be on Galaxy, Note, or Xperia Smartphones, they could’ve been on any type of android smartphones, so to make sure that it works fine, it has been designed quite amazingly.

Takes Less Data Resources

No matter you’re out of 3G or 4G coverage or just a 2G user, you would definitely need to use Facebook on android phone, if so, then this app won’t be eating up your data resources – It makes a whole lot easier for all those users to get things done on Facebook on the regular basis. If you don’t give it a try, you would have no idea what I am talking about.

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