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Join Hands with SeedOut to Help Those in Need

Join Hands with SeedOut to Help Those in NeedJoin Hands with SeedOut to Help Those in Need

An idea as they say can change lives. The basis of SeedOut is one such innovative idea which with the right support can help drastically reduce poverty in Pakistan. SeedOut is a non-profit organization that allows people from all over the world to make contributions to micro-entrepreneurs who in turn would start businesses on a small scale which would further provide jobs to many. The beauty of this organization lies in the fact that it does not merely provide the required investment to prospective entrepreneurs but also trains them and helps them with the initial startup.

SeedOut is starting an online campaign that would create awareness about its work in the world. The company is giving every internet user the opportunity to do their bit for the society in this auspicious month of Ramadan. We can help in making this campaign a success by helping it go viral.

Things You Can do to Help Spread Awareness about SeedOut

Make a Video

A 15 second video with your name and a comment on the issues related to poverty that affect you the most can have a great impact on the masses. Tag in the line ‘I support Seed Out’ at the end and also nominate 3 of your friends for the same.  Upload the video to all your social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Use the hashtag #ISupportSeedout and also tag in the friends that you nominated. Every video uploaded by you would go a long way in bolstering our fight against poverty and hunger.

Blog about it

If you own a blog then that is the perfect platform to spread awareness for the campaign. Go ahead and talk about the efforts made by SeedOut to uproot poverty from the society, their success stories and the new age of entrepreneurs created by them. Once you have written the article you can contact SeedOut so that they can further share your article on their social websites.

Change your Social Media Cover

Create a new cover mentioning your name and your support for SeedOut using the cover generators created by them.

Let your Friends Know

A simple email sent to your family and friends can make a big difference. Let them know about the good work being done at SeedOut so that they can contribute, if interested, else spread the word further.

Add to Your Email Signature

Let your contacts know about SeedOut every time you send out a mail by adding a footer to your email that talks about the initiative.

Social Media

There are many SeedOut badges that you can share on Twitter or share customized SeedOut skins and icons. You can also share SeedOut cover photos on Facebook to ensure that no prospective contributor remains unaware of this initiative.

Help it Trend by Tweeting About it

Support the campaign at Twitter by tweeting with the #ISupportSeedOut hashtag

This is a priceless opportunity for us to make an impact in the social fabric of Pakistan. Let us ensure that we do our bit to improve lives of those less fortunate than us.

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