Join the Table: Pepsi Invites You to be a Part of the Food Grid

Instagram has turned our love for food on its head. The social networking platform lets users submit their images, like, share and follow other users with similar interests. While there are tons of interesting themes on Instagram, nothing has quite caught the fancy of its users like food. Over 178 million photos are tagged with hashtag #food, is a testimony to the trend that refuses to subside. More than ever, food on ones table is not just about the taste but also the way it is presented.

Pepsi Pakistan has been the first to recognize this trend and come up with a campaign that’s sure to excite the food lovers in the country.

For years Pepsi has been a trendsetter with its unique campaigns that pull at the heart strings of the nation.

Whether it is to bring the nation together with our love for cricket or bringing alive the foodie in us, Pepsi has always managed to strike the right chord!This time too, the soft drink major manages to think out of the box and combine our nation’s love for food and Instagram’sviral capabilities to design a campaign that simply blows your socks off.

The campaign is a food grid that when put together resembles an endless feast fit for the kings and the statesmen. Each part of the grid is a sizzling plate of delectable delicacy that is sure to get your taste buds tingling. The gorgeous array of amazing food caters to palate of every kind imaginable. From Sushi to succulent Desi Murgh and from Pizzas to yummy PeshawariKebabs there’s something for everyone here.

So, if you haven’t already checked out the food grid head over straight to the Instagram page of Pepsi Pakistan and rekindle your romance with food all over again. That is not all, count on Pepsi to reward you for having fun every time. This time is no different. You can be a part of the campaign in a couple of simple steps doing what you love doing anyway! Bring out your smartphone, click the amazing food on your table with a bottle (or a can) of Pepsi and post it with the hashtag #ExcitingAbhi. If you happen to be the lucky one, you might win some awesome merchandise from Pepsi.

Get, set and go clicking! Let’s get #ExcitedAbhi!!

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DISCLOSURE: This post was sponsored by PEPSI.

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