Keys and thumbprints are a thing of the past as Jaguar Land Rover Patents Selfie Lock Technology

British luxury car-maker, Jaguar, just launched their first electric car. But ever the innovators, they managed to put an exciting new twist to their new series as well. This time, we see innovation in the form of patenting the ‘Selfie’.

Alarmed? Don’t be because you can still indulge in your favorite pass-time hobby because Jaguar has only patented the Selfie Lock Technology that will enable the cars to use techniques of facial recognition to help unlock the cars.

The car will have cameras on either side. The cameras will be angled so that they may be able to detect when someone is walking to or standing in front of the car. If the face of the owner that is saved on the computer inside the car matches the face of the person standing in front of it, the car will unlock itself.

The technology has been introduced to help forgetful motorists who keep losing or forgetting their keys.

If you’re worried about your evil twin brother gaining access to your car, though, don’t be. Because you can’t just walk in and register like anything. You have to get both your image, a short video and a unique hand gesture of yours verified in order to make this work.

The car also lets family members access the car with the selfie lock technology so people needn’t need the owner of the car to access it and being locked out will no longer be a fear.

The selfie lock technology cannot be activated by using a picture of the registrar of the car. However, a major concern as to how the car will perform in low light situations, as well as night time, is being raised by many consumers.

Right now, many are skeptical as to how the selfie lock technology will perform and if it would be easy to fool. Jaguar has claimed that it is working relentlessly to improve the technology and will make sure that no complains arise and to make driving Jaguar cars both a safe as well as user-friendly experience for all.

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