‘Khud Mukhtar’ Initiative Launched to Kick Start Entrepreneurship for Differently Abled People

NOWPDP is launching ‘Khud Mukhtar‘ – a first of its kind in Pakistan entrepreneurship program which aims for long term success. The initiative is aimed to kick start 10 business ideas through seed-funding and mentorship support. The NOWPDP organization aims to create an equal opportunity environment for ‘differently able’ people to succeed and thrive.


The organization has been established since 2008 as an initiative of Aga Khan National Council. The current head is leading philanthropist Amin Hashwani. The main charter of the organization revolves around providing an equal opportunity to ‘differently able’ people.

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The leading programs of the organization include ‘Dastoor‘ and ‘Yaqeen‘. Dastoor revolves around training differently able people with marketable skills so they become part of mainstream labor force. Yaqeen is targeting ‘differently able’ people to hone their own skills and starting up their own personal ventures.

As of now, the company has been able to train more than 550 people. The partnership with Engro and HBL has been utilized to create 250+ job opportunities for ‘differently able’ people.

The ‘Khud Mukhtar’ Competition

Khud Mukhtar competition is trying to create entrepreneurs from ‘differently able’ people. NOWPDP is working in collaboration with IBA and Planet N Group to create a long-term sustainable entrepreneurial competition.

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The participants are going to be encouraged to come up with unique business ideas. People coming up with successful business plans will be mentored to convert rough ideas into solid business plans. Once the two phases are over, the final phase will see procurement of seed funds for successful business plans. The target is to at least get 10 businesses running by the end of the 2017. NOWPDP are expecting to continue with ‘Khud Mukhtar’ initiative if it remains successful.

Application for Khud Mukhtar competition

  • The competition is open until first of June.
  • Participants within the age of 18 to 40 can apply – both as an individual or as part of a team.
  • You must provide documentary proof about having certain disability.
  • You must also have basic literacy skills in order to be part of the competition.
  • Participating as a group will require at least one person in the group to have basic literacy skills.
  • As of now, the competition is open for people located in Karachi region only.

You can register for the competition by clicking here

* in lieu with modern standards, we urge  our readers to use ‘differently able’ as a term instead of ‘disabled people’.

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