The Grand Carnival, Because There’s Always Room For More!

Have you ever wondered what are the consequences of having a non-competitive industry?

Well, for starters, there is a tyrannical domination of a few, irrespective of the quality they offer. This gives rise to a fascist monopoly. Needless to point out that in such a situation, consumer is the ultimate sufferer.  

Pakistan’s automakers make up one such industry. There is an insufficiency of players and a consequent lack of quality with abysmal customer service. However, thanks to the collaboration between the Yunus Brothers Group and Kia Motor Corporation, Pakistani consumers can heave a sigh of relief.

With the high profile Kia Lucky Motors (KLM) collaboration between Yunus Brothers Group (YBG), one of Pakistan’s largest conglomerates and Kia Motor Corporation, a South Korean automobile giant which happens to be one of the world’s Top Ten automobile manufacturers, the situation is changing for the good.

With a range of automobiles offering a whole new dimension of luxury and functionality, befittingly campaigned as WELCOME TO MORE, KLM is initiating a wholesome driving experience for the automobile users in Pakistan.

Designed by Peter Schreyer, the designer for Audi TT, the cars have not only won numerous awards for design and quality, but also provide top of the line performance.

While some characteristic Kia cars are already being tested locally like Rio, Picanto and the ever popular, the Sportage, the impact of Kia’s mastery is most evident with the launch of KLM’s Grand Carnival.

Previously, the local automobile market suffered from a serious lack of any luxurious variant in the people movers category, but with Grand Carnival it is no longer the case. True to the KLM’s promise, the much awaited multi-purpose car the Grand Carnival is MORE than just a car and offers a unique driving experience!

With its endless versatility, the Grand Carnival is the first of its kind of vehicle in Pakistan. Packed with smart technology and intelligent design, the 11-seater is equipped with folding and removable seats, making it a perfect choice for a large family, people with demanding hobbies as well as those with a demanding age. The perfect blend of rich luxury and a respect for economy is how the Grand Carnival rolls smoothly in any urban landscape.

The Grand Carnival Specifications

Designed to offer optimum efficiency and maximum comfort, the vehicle specifications are a treat in them-self.

With a 3.3L V6 engine, and 6 speed automatic transmission, the Grand Carnival offers an effortless experience even under the toughest driving conditions. The spacious cockpit, leather seats, 18” alloys, a dual sunroof, dual airbags for ultimate safety and power seats are only some of the comforts the vehicle offers. Promising a room for every lifestyle, this beast of a car also carries tri-zone climate control, cruise control and much MORE.

The functional specifications coupled with its magnificent road presence make the Grand Carnival the absolute road winner.

Contributing to KLM’s claim of great value for money, the standard version of the vehicle is available for Rs. 3,999,000 while the high specifications version is priced at Rs. 4,799,000. To top it, KIA is making an incredible offer to its customers in terms of the warranty: clearly beating the industry average by putting on table a 4 year or 100,000 km warranty.  In addition to this, KIA is also offering 2 free services to customers.

The most incredible feature of this exceptional meets everyday experience is how KLM shows the muscle to make it its signature. These are not cars KLM is producing, these are experiences. And to support its claim, KLM offers test drives, customer care, digital connects and much MORE.

To avail the test drive just register using the Kia Konnect app and you are good to go. Such is the luxury of the Grand Carnival, there is always MORE!

For further details, check out the details from their web page

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