Lahore High Court launches mobile app to assist lawyers and litigants

We are living in an era which is predominantly tech-oriented. In a recent development, Lahore High Court (LHC) has become first Pakistani court to launch a mobile application. Chief Justice of LHC Mansoor Ali Shah introduced the app and in no time it has been a hit.

The app has already gained popularity among complainants and lawyers. According to the details, the app assists the people and lawyers with case hearing dates. Moreover, it also helps in keeping updated with the progress and status of cases. In addition, it even provides copy of verdict related to any case on their smartphones.

The litigants appreciated this move from Lahore High Court. They were of the view that they would not be required to visit the court over and again especially after the launch of mobile app. On the other hand, lawyers have also lauded LHC’s step in launching a mobile application. They feel that the app will make their work easy and the tip culture will also decline in the city.

Review of Lahore High Court App

The application is fairly simple to use. Its design is along the same guidelines so the look and feel of the application is great. The app will welcome you with different options as soon as you will open it. The options include cause list, judgement, case information, honorable judges, roster of sittings, contact us, helpline and sahulat centre.

In short, you will be able to get all the information pertaining to the court. From the list of judges to the status of your case, you will have it all.

You will have 3 options on the homepage of the application if you swipe from left to right. They are:

1- Court Map
2- Location
3- Helpline

The LHC app was developed by the Punjab IT Board. It has been downloaded by around 5,000 people from Google Play Store so far. The app is available on both Android and iOS.

Do you think other courts of Pakistan should take a leaf out of LHC and create their own app?

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