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Lahore welcomes a sizzling flavor of the summer

What is the advantage of a certain technology? You wake up a certain day and get all your work done by evening. You know there is a World T20 match of Pakistan at around 7 in the evening. And you are too tired to go out and get something to appease your hunger. This is where technology will play its role. This will where Foodpanda will be of great help. How? Keep reading!

If you are a Lahori and a foodie then you’ll surely be tempted with the latest revolution of flavor this month. A group of people behind Foodpanda and Jalal Sons thought about bringing a food revolution in the city of Zinda-Dil Lahore and they are going to intrude your rest, make you uncomfortable in your sofa or couch by initiating a sense of ecstasy, anticipation and eagerness, all in a good way. Feeling the heat, already eh? That’s because the sizzling flavor of the summer has hit the town.

Foodpanda and Jalal Sons teamed up together and procured it upon themselves to streamline your imagination for the food. While the manufacturing endures, machines are snorting and chimneys are shooting out smoke. The aroma of freshly baked crust has evanesced in the air and there is something pleasingly diverse about it. Presenting the new talk of the town – The PERI PERI Pizza by Jalal Sons. Did we succeed in grabbing your attention yet? Have a look at this video to be tempted:

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A unique pizza with classic flavors of original Afro-Portuguese Peri Peri sauce smothered on the base. Then come juicy and spicy chicken chunks, crisp onions, fresh green peppers and lots of grated mozzarella cheese; baked into a heavenly good ol’ pizza – something Jalal Sons is best known for.

This is where technology will come into play. This is where Foodpanda will help you. Right, so you were too tired to go and get something for you, isn’t it? Follow these simple steps from your relaxed couch:

  • Download Foodpanda’s App
  • Enter your location
  • Select Peri Peri Pizza
  • Place your order
  • Enjoy the Pizza after few minutes

Wasn’t it too easy? It certainly was. Foodpanda has indeed delivered the WOW factor by exclusively launching the Peri Peri Pizza by Jalal Sons on its platform which makes this distinctive flavor available to aptly order online from 14th to 27th March in Lahore. Get yourself engaged in this crazy movement, join the discussions on social media with #FlavorRevolution and experience the promise of top notch service with Peri Peri Pizza by Jalal Sons. Do not forget to tease your friends with a picture of sizzling Pizza on social media.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by FoodPanda.

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