Latest: List Of Top 10 War Games for Android and iOS

To this day, millions of different categories of Android and iOS games have been released. There is no second thought that the war games are among the most popular ones. If you’re a fan of such games and are currently looking for some good war games to play, keep reading this article because we have assembled the top 10 war games for you on both platforms; Android and iOS.

Brothers in Arms 3

Brothers in Arms 3 is a tactical war game in which you can choose one out of two roles: to fight as a soldier on the battlegrounds of World War 2, or to act as a captain and lead your battalion to conquer the land. You can use the different abilities of your partners to help you achieve victory during war. The game is also available in multiplayer mode with 4 different maps and 2 game modes; Team Death Match and Free For All.

Download: Android | iOS

Game of War – Fire Age

Fire Age is similar to Brothers in Arms except for the fact that the former involves war including dragons, monsters and other creatures. Build your own empire in this role playing game where you control whether you want to be a soldier or a leader. Battle with your friends, train and level up your soldiers while carving different kind of weapons to outsmart your enemies.

Download: Android | iOS

Frontline Commando WW2

Another game based on the ruins of World War 2. it invites you to take part in the epic European battle while fighting your way through different kinds of enemies. You reach your goal as you complete each mission and lead your forces to victory in the World War 2!

Download: Android | iOS

March of Empires War of Lords

A strategic game, build your fortress as you choose to play the role of an emperor. You can choose to be a Highland King, Norther Czar or a Desert Sultan. Expand your empire and wage war against your competitors. While you conquer other parts of the empire, face all kinds of different emperors and lords. In the end, winning and losing depends upon you!

Download: Android | iOS

World At Arms

Here is a role playing strategic game in which you can wage war against opponents on land, in the sea, or even in the air. Being a modern multiplayer war game, World At Arms provides you a solo campaign gaming in which you can even make allies and let them join your forces. Make your own factions and invite others to join hands with you in order to defeat your enemies and conquer them all.

Download: Android | iOS

Spartan Wars Blood and Fire

Build your own fortress and train your army of Spartans to defend it against the warriors of the Mist Cave. Join forces with your friends, destroy your opponents, steal their resources and become the number one Spartan in this strategic war game.

Download: Android | iOS

Pharaoh’s War

Assemble your army to defend your ancient kingdom in this tactical combat game. Command your heroes to deal with the enemies strategically and conquer the enemies of your kingdom.

Download: Android | iOS

War Games – Allies in War

When it comes to multiplayer war games, Allies in War is there to satisfy your needs. Build your own base, upgrade it from time to time, and make it better than your rivals. Defeat your enemies as you reach the final stages and challenge the bosses of each level. The game also has a multiplayer mode which allows you to help your friends in defeating their enemies!

Download: Android | iOS

Air Battle World War

Air Battle: World War takes you back to World War 1 where you fight as a pilot for the Allies or the Central Powers. Unlike World War 1, the game is pure 3D with great animations and fights that will fulfil your desire of reliving the era of war.

Download: Android 

Warship Battle 3D World War II

Play the role of a ship captain in this ship battle war game. Inspired by the fights of World War II, this game delivers everything you need. Lead the forces of USS Arizona and HMS Bulldog to conquer the sea and beyond.

Download: Android | iOS

Which game(s) are you going to install in your smartphones?

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