Life Coach, Should You Opt For One?

It’s a sad fact that a lot of us feel alone in our life. Many of us reading this article will admit to feeling like drifters or extras in their own stories. If you’re one of the same, you should opt for a life-coach!

If you’re not convinced, here are some reasons why you should consider opting for a life-coach:

  1. You’re Feeling Stuck

Whether its about a personal relationship, switching a job that doesn’t feel quite right, or even if it’s about that lifelong dream you always defer for later, there are some decisions that will torment you. No matter what decision you’re trying to make, there are going to be situations where your heart might want one thing, whilst your brain actively engages in pointing out to you the pitfalls attached to your desire.

Even though life coaches don’t exactly have crystal balls they, they can still tell you where you’re harboring needless insecurities, and where that little voice inside your head is worth listening to.

  1. You’re Lost

Sometimes, it’s hard for us to decide what our ‘thing’ is. We can feel lost as if we don’t know what we want to do in life. If you’re feeling the same way, you’re definitely not the only one. A life coach will help you find meaning in your life, or even help you identify your passions, so that you may decide how best to pursue them.

  1. You’re Unhappy

Being happy isn’t as simple as being not sad. If day after day you feel the gloom growing over you, or actually feel like you’re having a breakdown, a life coach is what you need. The life couch would help you decide if it’s only a situation triggering the morose side in you, and you may be able to get over it by cultivating better situation handling skills.

  1. You’re Happy

Happiness is great. And if you’re in a positive state of mind, why not take this opportunity to take a few decisions? This is the time in your life when you’ll be most open to growth so make most of this and get on board!

  1. You’re Comfortable

If you feel that you’ve settled in a routine, opt for a life coach so that they can help you decide what areas you can improve in before your comfort starts to feel like monotony.

  1. You Just Got Out of a Relationship

Moving on from relationships is tough but now that you find yourself at a crossroad where you’ve just stepped out of a box, why not take this as an opportunity to see what went wrong? You can use this opportunity to see what your terms are, so that you know what defines you and your perimeters the best. Self awareness is the mother of all successes.

  1. You’re Afraid

There are a few things everyone’s afraid of, however, if you have an irrational fear bordering at paranoia, your life coach will help you figure out how best to rationalize your fears so that you can live life to the fullest without caving in.

  1. You’ve Opted for Therapy and Need Something More

Therapy is good to get over some trauma or emotional battle, but it isn’t ideal for the long-run. That’s where life coaches come in. They can help you make day-to-day decisions with clarity which therapists can’t.

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