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Limofied – A New Ride Hailing Service Launched in Pakistan


2 months ago


Lately Pakistan has seen a rise in ride-hailing services and many in the urban centers of the country have actually bid farewell to the idea of driving their cars again.

A welcome development for all those who have benefited by this latest trend is that the steady rise of ride-sharing transportation services across the country has brought another service to make the existing market competitive. Limofied, an Australian-based ride-sharing service and app, is now being launched in Pakistan.

The app allows passengers using smartphones to submit a ride request, which is then delivered to the nearest Limofied drivers, who offer transportation services to a variety of user segments in their registered cars.

Competition For Uber & Careem 

Uber and Careem are other similar services which have made it to the local market during the not so distant past, and have been operating successfully since.

Uber is an American multinational online transportation network company based in San Francisco, California, U.S. It operates via an app, which allows customers with smartphone devices to submit a trip request, these requests are then immediately delivered via Uber’s digitally connected network to the driver nearest to the customer. As of August 2016, Uber was operational in over 66 different countries and 507 cities around the world. It was launched in Pakistan in the mid of 2016.

Careem is also a multinational transportation network company, and it is the parent company of a smartphone app-based car booking ride-sharing company based in Dubai. Careem was launched in Pakistan during late 2015 and since then, it has continued to grow rapidly. Now, it is available in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore.

Impact of Ride Sharing Over Economy

The recent trend of rides-haring is a step closer to adopting public transportation by people to reduce pollution, traffic congestion and the stress. The service commonly known as real-time ride-sharing, and provided by transportation companies such as Uber & Careem, arranges one-time rides on an on-demand basis.

Transportation in Pakistan faces significant challenges, including regular massive traffic congestions, uncertain trends in fuel prices and greenhouse gas emissions. Ride-sharing offers a cost-effective solution to address many of these issues in addition to providing stress relief.

Although ride-sharing culture has not yet been fully adopted across Pakistan, however, as can be predicted through the current progress, it will continues to grow at a gradual pace and will play a much larger role in the transportation future of the country.

As traditional transportation costs continue to rise and households budget down the nickel, administrations and individuals will seek out cost-effective-ride alternatives. It’s with the launch of services like Limofied, Uber and Careem that we see enhanced employment opportunities on multiple fronts – from app development to marketing to the piloting behind the wheels, a positive progression in traffic situations, better economy, and lessened impact of transportation on our environment.

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