4 Unknown Uses of LinkedIn for Education

4 Unknown Uses of LinkedIn for Education4 Unknown Uses of LinkedIn for Education

Applying for studies abroad but don’t know which university to choose? Want to get a job in a major tech firm but don’t know which college it recruits the most from? Concerned about how you rank in the your industry compared to your batchmates? LinkedIn has a solution for all your worries.

If you click on the drop-down menu-tab ‘Education’ from the ‘Interests’ navigation bar, you are welcomed to an entire world of new possibilities. Beware, career counselors just might go out of business.

Here are four uses of LinkedIn you didn’t know about:

1. Find your University of choice:

If you want to land a job in IBM in your niche of marketing, just select the aspired company, field and your country of residence. LinkedIn will automatically find the right universities for you. It will show the universities recruiters from IBM source the most talent from in your field, so you can find the right university based on your career goals. You can even set up a decision board in LinkedIn to assist you with your decision.

2. Know what the alumni of a University are up to:

You can know where people who studied from the same university as you are currently living, working and what field have they chosen. If you are shrewd, you will search for alumni of the universities you aspire to be a part of, and see what kind of jobs they are holding. If you see names of good companies popping up, it’s time to invest your money in education.

3. Discover University Rankings:

If you still are not able to decide which university to go to, you can always check their rankings. But rankings are dubious, aren’t they? In LinkedIn, they are not. Because via LinkedIn, you can check how these universities rank in your field of choice. Alternately, you can see which universities rank the highest in your field of choice.

4. See what you can do with your degree:

And if you are the different sort and want to do something that you are not sure would even get you a stable job, LinkedIn has heard your call. You can select your field of study and LinkedIn with tell you what people are doing with that degree and where are they working. You will figure you are not unique after all.

So, while most people think that LinkedIn is only a tool for professionals, the above uses only show that it can be equally useful for students, maybe even more. LinkedIn is after all a networking tool. So network with the alumni of a particular university to land a job in the company those alumni are a part of.



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