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What is lolzstudio?

With a central message of hope, peace and tolerance, lolzstudio is a social enterprise that had modest beginnings as a photography blog. The group works with film through social media to share their unique take on Pakistan’s issues, problems and the often neglected positive news and successes.

The message

Using humor, wit and satire, the group has managed to maintain a fairly positive spin on even the bleakest topics they chose to work on. Their aim is to combine art, humor and hope to contribute towards a better world for everyone. Through their work, they aim to empower today’s young people.


At present, the major work done by the group includes:

  • An 8 episode series on the 2013 general elections aimed at encouraging and inspiring people to go and vote
  • A 500 day photo share program to showcase and challenge their own photography skills
  • Stop motion shorts
  • The Islamabad timelapse project which was an introduction to Islamabad created using 12,000 photos taken at different times and places around the city
  • Several small videos on different topics of current interest.

The Team

The lolzstudio team is a group of about 11 people including Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi, who is the creator of the enterprise.

Major Videos

Islamabad Time Lapse

One of the groups most popular video the Islamabad time lapse video was intended to showcase the positive sides of Islamabad and challenge the dead city stereotype. According to the group’s page, it is the top search returned item on youtube. 12,000 photos taken at different times were used to create this time lapse video. The music used is also an interesting instrument piece by the band Bashir and the Pied Pipers. The video is well executed and the music adds depth to the piece. Repeated viewings however do make one feel that either a larger variety of locations or some people would increase the appeal. However, all in all, it serves as a great introduction to Islamabad.

Swat Time Lapse

Shot and composed in the same vein as the Islamabad time lapse, this short film showcases some stunning views of the Swat valley. Beautiful skies, green mountains and the cool blue of the Swat River are all highlighted brilliantly. Again, this serves as a great tourist video for the valley.

What we Achieved in 2013

Another interesting piece by the group has the create Syed Muzamil speed reading an impressive list of Pakistani achievements, at home and abroad, in the year 2013. This is an entertaining watch, and though the narrator stumbles over his words occasionally, the pace of the video makes all the facts more easily digestible. The video editors needed serious spell checks however, and the clock at the back kept jumping time quite erratically.

What we achieved in 2012: more original Vlogs, Vines & Photography:…

Posted by House of Lolz on Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Better Pakistan Episode 2

This video is one more positive take on positive anti-corruption action by a government institute. When members of the group went to get a domicile made, they were sent a text message asking about their experience. This project is a collaboration between the Punjab government two university graduates. There has been positive response to this initiative and the idea and its execution featured in magazines such as Time and the Economist. An interesting informative piece, but the super-fast talking speed needs to be tweaked for clarity.

Load Shedding – The Inside Story

Presented as a documentary, this video attempts to turn load shedding into a gift conferred upon the people of Pakistan. Hilariously mimicking celebrities and experts, we are told that it was through great research and for the sustained future goodwill of the country that we are being blessed with the gift of loadshedding. A very unique take on the situation indeed.

Introducing Happy Hours. Pakistan Government's top secret project.

Posted by House of Lolz on Friday, May 23, 2014

A Promising Idea

Overall, the team at lolzstudios is enthusiastic, talented and showcasing their skills for a positive, hopeful and empowering message for the country. With a little more focus on speaking more clearly and ensuring a thorough spell check, their work will definitely elicit better responses. And in the absence of youtube access, it would also be a good idea to move from a facebook page to a more organized website so that their work is easy to find and access.

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